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Com: sion Artwork - 2015 P: ing Pricing incorporates my time, material(s) and unique style. See basic price list below for fine art pricing — ifa size that you want is not listed below, then please don't hesitate to ask! For Watercolor and Ink axa” $15.00 x7” $40.00 8°x8” $55.00 8°x10” $60.00 wx?’ $75.00 16°x20" $115.00 24°x28” $155.00 30°x30” $225.00 36x36” $265.00 For Acrylicand Multimedia Artwork axa” $22.00 3x7” $55.00 8°x8” $80.00 8x10” $100.00 ix?’ $155.00 16°x20” $210.00 24°x28” $325.00 30°x30” $450.00 36x36” $525.00 50% down payment required to reserve time and artwork. Project timeline -3 months unless otherwise agreed upon. Prices below do not include framing or shipping and handling. L offer a 10% discount when commissioning multiple pieces at once (i.e. hostess gifts or holiday sifts). also offer a 100% guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the artwork, I will offer a complete refund or replace the artwork. Graphic design and digital media pricing are separate. All artwork © 2015 Lauren Ashe Carlisle All Rights Reserved unless otherwise agreed upon.