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Application Essay for the Master’s of Accounting program at BYU

By Greg Christopher

This semester has been an influential stage in my exploration of possible careers. By
participating in various academic and extracurricular pursuits this semester, I now better
understand my abilities as well as my career goals. Because these experiences have
widened my perspective of where I can best apply myself, I am prepared to succeed in a
graduate program and a future career.
One such experience began last semester when I was approached by a former roommate
with a request. He had designed a backpack that had attracted attention from faculty and
alumni, and unsure of what to do next, my friend asked me to help him start a business.
To that point, I had researched various career options within the field of accounting and
had spoken primarily with professionals in tax and audit practices. However, those
conversations caused me to feel a little uneasy about majoring in accounting. Finally, I
decided that supporting my friend’s new business would be a useful way to discover other
Having had no prior entrepreneurial experience, I decided to brainstorm obstacles that a
start-up company might face. I carried around a small journal, constantly jotting down
potential solutions to these obstacles. Each entry sparked another problem I needed to
resolve and invited me to learn more about my abilities and interests.
Keeping this journal helped reveal what motivates me: problem solving and critical
thinking. For example, I was able to review a large amount of industry data and find costeffective and efficient ways to succeed in our backpack venture. I found that I excelled in
and enjoyed this experience, something that accounting alone had not inspired in me.
This awareness has driven my search for a career. For example, as I have spoken with
peers and mentors, I have looked for a niche that invokes the same excitement I have been
experiencing with our business as it progresses. When I was introduced to the field of
management consulting, I noticed similarities between consulting and the exciting work
that I was doing with the business. As I networked with consulting professionals from
Deloitte, PwC, and McKinsey, I remarked that they were driven individuals who loved to
solve problems and create innovative solutions––individuals that used professionally the
skills that I have been developing as an amateur.
While I prepare for the intensity of the consulting profession, I am developing the skills I
will need in order to better provide assistance to future employers and clients. I study and
work with a yearning to be the best professional I can be––someone equipped to succeed
in both academic and employment arenas. I look forward to applying my passion for
personal and professional improvement in BYU’s Master of Accountancy program.

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