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The AIESEC experience offers you to
participate and learn in a global
Is the way how @ XP is actually lived
In this environment you will find
different ways to do it…

blogs and resource . forums.Individual discovery and reflection T Team Experiences Learning Circles Coaching and mentoring Conferences and Seminars Virtual Spaces.

Individual Discovery and Reflection “Our lives are spent in understanding ourselves” .

This is where you find the opportunity to build your own big-picture understanding in order to draw conclusions about yourself. interaction and dialogue. We apply the "learning spiral“  which ensures that you will reach your "Aha!" moments that will lead you to appropriate conclusions and actions. People do this through exploration. .

Team Experiences T ‘learning by doing’ .

Create a network of contacts for yourself .1. To add value to AIESEC in expanding our organizational capacity and results. To provide team members an opportunity to apply their learning & gain some desired experiences. 3. networks and practical knowledge in their area of interest. 2. skills.

.Learning Circles Share a common interest in gaining experience. knowledge and networks in a common sector or topic.

Learning Circles can have different focuses and participants with different level of knowledge. People may be part of more than one and attendance is based on interest. This process can be facilitated by a more experienced member and mixing different tools. .

Conferences and Seminars AIESEC holds over 350 national & international conferences every year! .

This expertise provide great opportunities for our membership to gain high quality information and to engage our stakeholders in our learning environment. . AIESEC invites speakers to challenge us with their understanding and perspective.At many of these conferences. and in many local events.

Coaching and mentoring Constantly challenge your world view .

The key to the process is to remove the individual from his/her comfort zone enough to help them gain objectivity over themselves but not to scare the individual of .

Virtual Spaces Our virtual spaces also play the key role of tying together the entire learning environment. .