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No: 52


FEB 13th


Let my light-hearted news lift away the stress of your day

What, Where, When?!

Take me home

Live music every

Thursday night
Opening Times:

Tues Sun
Folk music first &
last Wednesday
in the month


Irwell Street


t: 01706 825 019





Alfs Black Belt Academy: from 6pm - 8pm. At the

Grants Arms, contact: 01706 823354.
SING: Acapella fun choir singing popular songs and
folk, just turn up and sing. Mondays 7pm 8:30pm
at the Civic Hall.
Edenfield Local History Societys talk: Historic talk
regarding the Old Co-op Building in Edenfield,
meeting at the Community Centre (off Exchange
Street, Edenfield) 7.30pm, visitors welcome!
Dance Classes: Beginners Latin and ballroom dance
classes at Dundee United Reformed Church. Beg:
7.15pm, Int: 8pm, contact 07756 593 979 or for more info.
Philosophy in the Pub: Group meeting 7:45pm at
the Major pub, Bolton Street. New members
welcome. Rob:07792117730.
Kettlebell & Circuit Training: At Hawkshaw
Methodist, Bolton Road. 7.45pm 5 a class; Please
book via:

Tuesday 17th February

Hatha yoga therapy - Tuesday 10:15am & 7pm (7)

Treatment of musculoskeletal injury and pain,
at Natural Balance Pilates, Bolton Street.
Including Arthritis pain and symptoms of stress
Baby Buggy Bootcamp! At Nuttall Park, 11.3001706 82 22 86
12.30pm. Outdoor fitness session, more info contact
Lauren: 07769182908.
Line Dancing: Line Dancing with Julie Lomas,
everyone welcome! Tuesdays, 12:30 to 3pm Civic
EspressoNews Delivered EVERY Friday Hall contact 07786663721.
Jogging Group: Meet at Nuttall Park car park, from
1:30pm till 2:30pm, Beginners and Intermediates Free of charge! Contact 0161 253 6312 for more info.
Knit and natter! Knitting whilst chatting every
Tuesday evening from 6pm-7.30pm, at the Hearth of
the Ram, all levels welcome; Olivia: 07925110106.
Pub Quiz: At the Railway pub, 8pm. 2 a player
which includes a hot supper!
Quiz Night: at Buchanan Sports & Social Club from
8.30pm. 1 entry fee Every team gets a prize!
Open Mic Night! Hosted by Jonny Shock, at the
Hamer's Arms Summerseat. Starts at 8pm, everyone
Own this space; dedicated for promotion of
events! see to book online! welcome!
Or contact

of Ramsbottom
Disco Nights from 8pm

Serving food everyday

from 12 till 5pm

Available for weekend work in
domestic environments

Kidsrock! Music interaction for young children. At

Nuttall Park Base 10.30am - 11.15am. 3 for one
child, 2 for extra child. Ah Yee on 07790758052.
Social Afternoon: For over 50's, 1-3pm at the Nuttall
Park Base. Come along for table games, chat and
craft. Call 01706822837 for more info!
Sew Social Sewing Group: Regular sewing group
'Stitch', 7.00-9.30pm, 8 Princes Court, Silver Street.
4 including tea/coffee and chat! Contact Linzi on
Ramsbottom Heritage Society: Meeting at 7.30pm,
Civic Hall this month featuring: John Sagar The
History of Birtle. Non-members 2.
Quiz night: Join the quiz night at the Duckworth
Arms from 9pm, 1 to enter! Come along and enjoy
the friendly atmosphere with Ray the quiz master!

Thursday 19th February

Rhyme Time: Toddlers group at the Civic Hall
between 10am 10.45 am. Contact 0161 253 7343.
Tea Dance: 1.30-4.00 Join us for a tea dance! (3.50
cup of tea & biscuits included!) at the Civic Hall.
Diddly Squat: Ladies only! Diddly squat boot camp,
meeting at Civic Hall 7pm to 8pm. 4 per session.
Contact phone 07506 344947.
Belly Dancing: Weekly belly dancing with Andrea, at
Ramsbottom Cricket Club, 7.15 till 8.45, 5 Ladies
only, all welcome!
Ramsbottom Recorded Music Society: Alternate
Thursdays from 7.30pm, meeting at Christ Church,
Great Eaves Road. This week featuring A sense of
place, presented by Ken & Gwyneth Adshead.
Indoor Metabolic Training: Based at St Andrews
primary school 8pm - 9pm 5.50 a session, contact:
Live Bands: The Irwell Brewery hosting live bands
from 8.30pm onwards.
Live Music: At the First Chop, live music in the cellar
every Thursday night from 9:30pm!

Email Jennifer with your events!

Remarkable Facts

Dogs watch more TV now than they did in the

39 Bridge Street, Ramsbottom 01706 826050 past. Older TV sets showed fewer frames per
second and were harder to watch, but high-def
M. Mosses
flat screens allow dogs to see the images as
clearly as humans.
Skimming Bonding
Boarding Patchwork


Thai people will type "555" instead of "Hahaha" In studies where random Monopoly players
in text messages because the number 5 is were given twice the money as their
pronounced "Ha.
opponents, they began to act rudely towards
If all the LEGO bricks produced were shared other players and argued that they used
out equally every single person on Earth strategy and skill to achieve victory.

would own 86 LEGO bricks.

Live Music from 9pm


There is a volcano in Indonesia that spews

blue lava. (Kawah Ijen Volcano)
While St Lawrence was being executed by being
held to a red-hot gridiron he remarked "Turn
me over, I'm done on this side" - He's now the
patron saint of Comedians.

A Japanese zoo unsuccessfully tried to mate

a pair of hyenas for four years before
realising both were males.
There are still 5 people alive who were born in
the 1800s, and they are all women.

Weekly Weather

Friday 13th Saturday

Quebec, Sweden and Norway it is illegal to

advertise to children. This is to keep
companies from encouraging children to beg
their parents for stuff!

Take me home
Friday 20th February

Disco Night: Friday night disco night at The Oaks,

Bridge Street from 8pm!
Square Street Singers: Meet every Friday at 8pm at
the Theatre Royal. A very friendly choir (men and
women) and would welcome new singers in all voice
parts. We do several concerts per year. No audition
is necessary, Just come along!
Live Rock bands: Playing from 9.30pm at the Grey
Mare Pub.

Saturday 21st February

Tea/Toast & Bacon Butties! 10am to noon, at St.
Paul's Church. All welcome!
Saturday Market: Saturday country traditional
market full range of fresh produce, flowers and
curry snacks. All day Saturday off Bridge Street.
Buchanan Sports & Social club: Live music night,
starring vocal entertainer Phil Richmond! Contact:
01706 823303 to book.
Live Music: Every week from 9pm at the Oaks, the
Grey Mare and also live bands playing at The Lounge
from 9.30pm.

Sunday 22nd February

Wildlife Trust: Volunteers meet in Summerseat at
9.30am on the last Sunday of every month. For
anyone interested in joining in contact Catherine
Haddon on 01772 318 374.
Communitree Project: Family Forest Fun 10am-1pm,
Meeting at 'The island' 20 for 1 adult and child, 5
per additional person. Contact Danny on:
Live Singer: At the Grey Mare, from 5.30pm - every

26th February: Ramsbottom Community Choir

new group starting. First meeting 7-8.30pm at

St Andrews Church.
No experiences
necessary, Everyone welcome! Come along,
or Contact Karen on 07957814298.

Bizarre Stories

A quail that was thought to have been extinct for

decades was spotted alive in 2009 - on its way to a
cooking pot.
Worcester's buttonquail was
previously known only through drawings based on
a dead museum specimens but when a live bird
was captured by hunters in a Philippine mountain
range, a film crew was on hand to take pictures.
Michael Lu, president of the Wild Bird Club of the
Philippines, was delighted by the find but
admitted that it was unfortunate that the rare
quail would probably end up medium rare.

Swedish Navy detected underwater sounds

suspected to be hostile Russian submarines in
the 80s.
The suspicion escalated to a
diplomatic conflict between Sweden and
Russia. It turned out later that these sounds
giraffe was the brains behind a mass escape of
came from fish breaking wind, a discovery
from a travelling Dutch circus in 2008.
which led to the Ig Nobel Prize.
After the giraffe kicked a hole in their cage, 15
Mark Zuckerberg purchased all four homes
camels, two zebras and an unspecified number of
surrounding his house in order to ensure his llamas and potbellied pigs made a dramatic dawn
privacy, for a total of $30 million.
break for freedom.
They were later found
A lawyer in Toronto once tried to demonstrate wandering around an Amsterdam suburb before
the strength of a window in his high-rise office being rounded up by police and circus workers.
by running straight into it. The window didnt
shatter, but it did pop out of its frame and sent
him falling 24 stories to his death.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


Smart Thinking
Urnie: The Ramsbottom Urn 13th Feb
Love in the time of Ebola

I don't often use the column to talk about

important subjects, because my life is pretty
happy-go-lucky. It's hard to imagine a world
beyond Ramsbottom - even picturing
Stubbins is a difficult enough job - but
sometimes the rest of the world is in trouble
and the problems of our fellow men and
women are sometimes too awful not to take
notice of. The Ebola crisis in West Africa
is still raging on - and the statistics are
miserable - 10,000 infected, 5000 dead - it's a
cruel virus that doesn't care who you are. It's
devastating entire communities, ripping
apart health services, and destroying
people's ability to support themselves. It's
enough to make your usually sunny Urn
wonder what he can do to help. Since it's St.
Valentines Day tomorrow, why don't we send
a little love their way? - it costs as little as a
couple of (cheap!) pints, and it couldn't be
easier - text the word DONATE to 70000 to
give 5 (Your full 5 donation goes to
the DEC Ebola Crisis Appeal. This donation
will be taken directly from your phone bill.
You will receive an automated reply
confirming your donation and asking if you
would like to Gift Aid your donation). Normal
service will resume next week, but I hope you
understand that it would be remiss of me not
to use the little voice I have to shout a bit
louder. Cheers.

Unexpected Origins
without batting an eyelid Used to describe a person taking a situation in their stride. Bate is a long
obsolete English word meaning to flutter or to beat the wings as a butterfly might.
When a person reacted to something without blinking or showing any signs of surprise, they were
regarded as not even bateing an eyelid, which later mutated into the phrase we use today.

NEW Community Choir for Ramsbottom

A NEW singing group starting this
month is hoping to create greater
harmony in Ramsbottom.
Adults of all ages and abilities are
being invited to join the brand
new Ramsbottom Community
Choir. One of the organisers,
professional music consultant
Karen Lindop, believes there is
no better way of bringing people
together and making new friends
than through singing.
"Television programmes like The

wonderful choral singing can be,"

she said.
"We are putting
together an exciting collection of
songs which sound terrific and,
most importantly, are fun to
learn and perform."
The choir has its first rehearsal
from 7pm on Thursday February
26th in the newly refurbished St
Andrew's Church on Bolton
Street, Ramsbottom.
The choir is open to adults of all
ages and no previous singing
experience, or even the ability to

Two fathers and two sons go on a fishing trip. They each catch
a fish and bring it home. Why do they only bring 3 home?
Know the answer? See the bottom of the page!

Word Wheel challenge

News to amuse!
Pick me up free in
Coffee shops and
busy waiting areas all
over Ramsbottom!

Its Easy!


Try to make as many words

as you can, ensuring you use
the middle letter.
Target: 24
Excellent: 34

Contains about 6% sugar and 91% water.

Can be red, orange, yellow or white.
When Atheists go to court, do
they have to swear on the bible?


Sudoku - Easy

1: Who was the king who failed to keep an

eye on things at the battle of Hastings?

3: If you happened to be plaining and pearling

what would you be doing ?
4: In which sport would you use a chucker?


Sudoku - Hard

Extra Espresso for me please!

I hope you are enjoying
the quick espresso
waiting in your favourite
local coffee shop! We
positive, engaging space
for Ramsbottom events,
news, and a bit fun too.
Are you one of our

Volunteering Opportunities
Adults needed to help with both Rainbows (Girls aged 5-7)
and Brownies (Girls aged 7-10) on a Tuesday evening. The
groups meet at 5.45 - 6.45 and 6.45 - 8.15 at St Andrews
School on Nuttall Lane, term times only. Please contact
07989374188 if you can help volunteer.
BeanStalk Charity: we train volunteers to support local
primary school children with their literacy and confidence
by reading books and playing games. We need volunteers
in Ramsbottom, our website is,
or please contact: 01204 532421
Bury Hospice are looking for volunteers to help out in their
Ramsbottom shop on Saturdays and Sundays. Please contact
Anne Kelly on 0161-725-9800 ext.219 or via email at
Arthritis Research UK, Ramsbottom are looking for
volunteers to help on our committee and at our events. For
Information please ring 01204 88 5178.
Contact the Elderly offers friendship to people age 75 and
over, who live alone, don't have support of family nearby
and have some difficulty in getting out. Afternoon tea gettogethers are organised each month for small groups. Door
to door transport is provided and the service is completely
free. If you are looking to make new friends, get out
more in the New Year ring Lynn or Susan on 01706 82


2: Name the fruit which earned its name from the

way it hung in bunches like grapes?

5: If a snail climbed up a 12 ft wall at a steady

rate of 3 feet a day, but slipped down 2ft
every night, how many days would it take
him to reach the top ?

Which line comes from the biggest circle?

For more information

Riddle Me Do:

Weve put together a very mini questionnaire on our website, If you

had a spare two minutes we would very much appreciate your
feedback! Please see to fill it in. Thank you!

Anyone interested can turn up at

the church on any Thursday
evening or ring Mrs Lindop for more
information on 07957 814298.


Espresso News

read music, are required.

"Best of all, it is entirely free so
there is nothing stopping anyone
giving it a try," said Mrs Lindop.
"This could be just the place for
all those hidden vocalists whose
singing so far has been limited to
the bath.

Espresso News started one year ago with the

intention of being a platform for local positive,
encouraging news for our thriving community in
Ramsbottom. 52 weeks on, and we are still
going strong with more and more regular
readers enjoying and engaging with our
newsletter each week! Everyone has been kind
and supportive making it an absolute joy to
produce. Thank you to our local coffee shops,
restaurants and advertisers and an enormous
thank you to all our lovely readers. Hooray!
Is there anything in particular you want to see in our local
newsletter? Or a place you would like to read us from? Just let
me know: Jennifer

regular readers? Drop

me an email and let me
know what you enjoy
reading about! We still
advertising space for
local businesses too
results. Keep in touch:

St Pauls Church & Edenfield Parish Church are looking for

volunteers to make up Jigsaw puzzles for the 2015 festival.
The church can supply the puzzles and boards to make
them on and even arrange to drop them off / collect them.
Also, if anyone can donate sheets of cardboard it would
be very helpful (especially with Christmas presents). If
interested, please contact David Foster on 01706 825648.
Home Start Bury which provides local families with a
unique service, helping families who are experiencing
difficulties whilst bringing up young children, is looking for
fundraising volunteers. If you can help this charity,
Ramsbottom Station are looking for volunteers to help in
various roles, weekends/week days including painting and
working on the station. Contact Stephen, the station
master on:

Contact Jennifer: 07860374137
Or drop me an email!

Follow our news!

Margaret Haes Riding for the disabled charity, Holcombe:

We need volunteer helpers over the age of 13 for both
weekend and weekday rides. No experience necessary. Call
Jemma on 07747 633412 or the stables on 01706 821337.

Scouts: We are currently looking for enthusiastic and

adventurous adults to join our team. Come and
volunteer with us! Please email

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Farms, The Railway Pub, The Civic Hall, St. Pauls Church, The Hare & Hounds, Robert Mandel Physiotherapy Clinic, Vitality, The First Chop, Bridge Street Newsagents, Mrs Ps Ice Cream Shop, Walmsley Butchers, Nuttall
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ANSWERS: Riddle me do: The fishing trip consists of a grandfather, a father and a son.
Anagram: Watermelon. Trivia: 1: Harold. 2: Grapefruit. 3: Knitting. 4: Polo. 5: 10 days.
Dingbats: Milkshake. White Elephant. Round of drinks. A bit of this and a bit of that.

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