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Our Mission

We partner with schools

to achieve success by
streamlining facility processes
and eliminating hidden costs
to keep financial resources
in the classroom.
We promote conservation
and sustainability awareness
in learning facilities, fostering
environmental responsibility that
will last a lifetime.

Best Practice Methodology:

Energy Management
Budget Analysis
Capital Forecasting & Planning
Preventative Maintenance
Staffing Evaluation


Work Flow Analysis

Shared Services
Contract Management
Contract Implementation
Grant Writing

Collaborative Creative
Solutions, LLC
With your passion, expertise and proven
methods, weve saved thousands of dollars
while improving our facilities.
John Fitzgerald, Asst. Superintendent,
Lake Orion Community Schools

Taking the guesswork out

of facility management,
so school districts can focus
on student achievement.
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20 Indian Trail, Lake Orion, MI 48362


Performance Partners
for Schools

Decrease Facility Costs

For Long Term Savings

Efficiency Management
Our services continuously evolve to meet the needs of our clients and advances in
the industry. Ultimately, we manage projects to promote efficiency and revenue
savings. In fact, our services are typically covered by the savings we generate!

Let us provide a free estimate on your savings potential!

Energy Management

CCS team of experts will conduct districtwide in-depth facility audits that will identify
energy savings opportunities and determine
HVAC needs. CCS will analyze the audit data
and program each facility accordingly to
reduce energy waste. Our team of engineers
will train the districts staff and provide
communication support to maximize savings
results for the long term.


CCS expertise has evolved from schools

helping schools to a team of conscientious
facility professionals who advise districts on
facility operations, construction, HVAC,
maintenance, security, custodial services
and groundskeeping. Our goal is to help
districts operate at maximum efficiency to
keep dollars where they belong, in the

Facility Management

CCS best practice approach is tailored to

the districts needs through a managed
services offering. Such methods will
identify continuous savings opportunities
that drive efficiencies and longevity
through facility oversight, contractual
services, groundskeeping, custodial
services, HVAC systems monitoring and
routine equipment maintenance.


CCS recognizes that district officials take

careful measures to balance budgets
without sacrificing quality of education.
CCS works with districts to identify
optimal staff utilization and can oversee
custodial, maintenance and grounds to
ensure efficiency, safety and cleanliness
are upheld within budget.

Project Management

Maintenance and construction projects

are common among K-12 institutions, yet
do not always warrant an in-house project
manager. CCS partners with the districts
staff to manage both large and small
projects. From simple spec review to
owners representation on multi-million
dollar endeavors, CCS oversees projects
to deliver quality workmanship on time.