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Musician Contract

Name of Employer:

Name of Contact:

Address of Contact:

Phone of Contact:

Name of employee:

(Hereafter referred to as Artist)

Address of Artist:

Dave Williams Ensemble

210 Center St.

Little Rock, AR 72211

Phone of Artist:


Type of Engagement:

Private Party

Place of Engagement:


Appropriate Dress:


Music to be performed:

Musician’s Break:


Cost for extra set:

(Per 45 minute set)

Jazz/Cocktail Music-Jazz Trio

15 minute break on the hour or when appropriate $???.00 ($???.00 per Musician) $???.00 ($??.00 per musician)

A 50% deposit ($) is due (??) days prior to the engagement. If desired, full compensation may be paid any time prior to engagement. Otherwise, Compensation is due, in full, one hour after the engagement has begun.

Artist or employer is not constrained to fulfill contract on the event of floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, other natural disasters, or acts of God. This contract and deposit must be returned to artist no later than (date) or contract will be invalid.

Employer’s Signature

Artist’s Signature



Employer should keep one copy and return the second copy to Artist.