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SER ActSSCe nA Om CR Danze WordPress is now a big target for hackers 23% of websites over the internet are now powered by the WordPress CMS. Security researchers have discovered that hundreds of WordPress based websites and biogs have been compromised. In practice, WordPress CMS is very much vulnerable to all security attacks. The entire responsibility of your WordPress security lies in the hands of WordPress core aie Cleveleechstaentie aa) | | | (e)@) website owner. Learn ’ how to harden your websites use Wordpress Micon Rsceu is 162,000 COs 90,000, oO 05/2013 © 10/2012 © Wordpress blogs were Server strong "bonet" —_- Vulnerable WordPress hacked targeted WordPress websites abused to Rites perform DDoS Attack How do WordPress sites get hacked? _ _ a = 7 a Va a fe / vf ans) ir 29% er} te NU aie. Vulnerable } rN Unreliable x Neen =) lugins ost] \ Xs oe a i] ee SS va SS eA SS What are the best ways to improve security? Update WordPress tothe latest version Don't display your WordPress version on your website Back up your data with Dropbox Don't use generic usernames like "admin" Report bugs to, Use a well-established hosting company Don't install WordPress themes that are available for free Use strong passwords with special characters DenvElee=sNoh ela eniis) How do you know if you've been hacked? + Google blocks your site as it detects Malware nN + Your permalink structure has changed +Some pages redirect to strange sites You can't login with your username and password + New administrator users suddenly appear = Comments with non-related spam become approved What should | do if my site has been hacked? 1, Run avirus scan on your local computer 2. Talk to your hosting company and ask them if they detected a breach 8. Restore from a known clean backup 4. Change all of your passwords, cPanel, email, MySQL, ftp, SSH WordPress Ema ie ne Man ul=a co)(ce(e elem eae A ea eXe iced l= 01a] WordPress website restoration service. 6. Mostimportantly, don't panic! So how secure is WordPress? There is no such thing as. a 100% secure website, nor is there such a thing as a 100% secure Content Management System. Therefore, all we can do is work with the most secure software and take sensible precautions as our responsibility as a website administrator dictates. This infographic was brought to you IRecie UC} by Wizzard Technical Designs. http//woothemes .com/2014/10/wordcamp-san-francisco-2014 IT, Web, Social Media and Cloud Computing, nay sete Nene Cooma OR ANP Sien Ter RCRe MO een Vee et aC uor/emnecelnceteo acc) eA ces