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Report on the use of computers in the first semester of 2014

(Brothers and Sisters of England Laboratory)
Managua 27 June 2014
The Brothers and Sisters of England Computer Laboratory benefitted the educational
community of the Santa Rosa School through both primary and secondary levels.
In primary education, 50 students from the sixth grade received training on Thursdays and
Fridays for two hours each day in order to cover the full quantity of pupils. The majority can
now use the Paint programme and Microsoft Office Word programme. The majority of these
pupils are from poor backgrounds without the means to visit a cyber caf or to have a
computer of their own.
The achievements have been satisfactory, and they have written letters to their mothers with
attachments of poems, roses, drawings, according to their ability.
In secondary education, the internet has been used to carry out researches to improve their
academic achievements for the various assignments that they have to do.
The teaching staff also benefit by carrying out their own researches relevant to their class
plans and this enables a joint participation between pupils and teachers.
The computer classes also improve solidarity and companionship between pupils as each
machine is jointly used by two students.
Mayra Caldern