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After a long meeting with the CMO we moved on to the Xochilt Clinic in El Viejo. Edilberta
Gómez, the coordinator of and inspiration for the clinic, was there to greet us and was well
prepared. SRF has donated $1,000 (USD) for the clinic’s Sexual Health and Reproductive
Health training programme planned for numerous barrios in the town of El Viejo. Their
application for funding had amounted to $2,030.
After learning that the SRF was granting them $1,000, the clinic organised and ran two of the
workshops before the money was received. A third was planned for the following Monday,
and this level of activity and enthusiasm rather justified the trustees’ decision to support this
venture by the clinic. The clinic is seeking match funding from other sources, including the El
Viejo town hall and the Ministry of Health (MINSA).
Unfortunately, apart from
Edilberta and Maribel Guardia, a
child psychologist, other key
characters in the work of the
clinic were unavailable. These
include Dr Manuel Millón, Dra
Pastora Acevedo, and the
therapist Rosario Balmaceta, all
of whom will be instrumental in
the workshops for this funded
programme. Nevertheless, the
enthusiasm and drive of
Edilberta certainly conveyed
itself to us all, and we had no doubt about the need for this programme. In fact, Edilberta told
us that attendance at the clinic had increased substantially as a result of the first two
workshops which they had held in the barrios, and this was taken as a mark of success of the
The clinic is basic, but well organised and well used. The photograph below shows (L. to R.)
June, Maribel, Edilberta, Pat, a patient and a local helper whose name we can’t remember.
The treatment and diagnostic room at the
Xochilt Clinic