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Report for SRF trustees from recent visits to projects in Nicaragua

Saturday morning 26th July 2014, Chinandega.
A long meeting with the Council of Women of the West [of Nicaragua] some of whom had
travelled a long way to meet us. The SRF
has awarded them $1,000 (USD) of the
Miles family money which was less than
their application for the funding of a series
of training workshops in vulnerability
reduction for women in various barrios of
Chinandega. Their original application had
been for $1,500.
Each woman in turn introduced themselves
and explained what their livelihood
involved – they are all women
entrepreneurs of one kind or another, as follows:

María Nicomedes – jicaro (gourd) producer in El
Esperanza – bee-keeping and honey business +
CMO legal rep.
Victoria – shrimp cooperative in Puerto Morazán
María Castillo – president of the CSMMO,
advising businesswomen
Nubia – pottery cooperative of 25 women
Santa Espinoza – provides marketing service to
businesswomen – e.g. jicaro gourd sales
Candelaria – provides voluntary technical support
Danelia Rivera – provides voluntary technical
support; lives in Five Pines close to Honduras

We went over their application and funding from the
Miles' money. Their programme of workshops on
managing vulnerability and increasing resilience is a
little vague on specifics, but it will serve as a learning curve for the CMO. But at least the
Miles money gives them a start. Impressive women.
They talked particularly about the current problems they face:
 The current drought
 The period of earth tremors throughout the first half of the year
 The emigration of thousands of women
 The dependence on remittances
 The current volcanic activity