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The Library in El Viejo: Biblioteca Padre Teodoro A.S.

Report of visit by SRF trustees Pat and Rick Blower
July 2014

Funded through the Miles Money ($2000) [The Roger Buck bequest] for the
librarians salary. Situated on the 1st floor of the Amigos de Holanda Community
Centre, it has been here for 19 years. The library is spacious, with different specialist
sections for pre-school, children etc. It has an excellent infrastructure of good tables,
chairs, photocopier, catalogued books (4730 volumes), childrens games and
puzzles, maps etc. We saw a group of children participating in group games and
book readings. The Librarian, Ana Isabel, told us there were on average 100 visitors
a day with teachers using the resources regularly in their classrooms. There are
Reading clubs for 12-15 year olds and a Caja Viajera which is a box compiled and
sent to rural schools on a regular basis.
It is a roomy and friendly facility and the only public library in the El Viejo area.