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Guadalajara International Airport (Spanish: Aeropuerto Internacional de Guadalajara),

ceremonial name Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla International

Airport (IATA: GDL, ICAO: MMGL), is the main airport of Mexico's second-largest
city Guadalajara. It opened in 1966 and is located 16 km south of the city center. In 2013, the
airport handled 8,148,000 passengers, and in 2014 it handled 8,733,500 passengers. It is
Mexico's third busiest airport, after Mexico City International Airport and Cancn International
Airport and second busiest for cargo flights.
Guadalajara's International Airport is composed of two runways and two terminals. It is also a
major airport for connections, being a hub for Aeromxico/Aeromxco Connect[1] and Volaris,
for which is a primary gateway to the United States. It is also a focus city for VivaAerobus.
Flights are offered to destinations within Mexico and to Central America and the United States.
The airport is named for Miguel Hidalgo, who began the war that brought Mexican
independence from Spain. He has been called the "father of Mexican independence".
The airport is being renovated and expanded under a project that will allow it to double its
operating capacity by 2007. This renovation includes a new Terminal 1 concourse and four
additional taxiways. The new Terminal 2 was recently inaugurated, this facility is exclusive for
express or regional flights, trying to serve as a relief for the already saturated Terminal 1. As of
today, the airport has a desperate need for a new terminal, since during peak-hours, all of the
contact positions in Terminal 1 get crowded, and the remote ones have to be used. In fact,
there is a 30% chance that an aircraft gets a contact parking position at Guadalajara.