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English Lit 1&2

Allison Finn Pinto

The Sweetheart of Song Tra Bong Discussion and Quiz

For the last two classes, we examined motifs and analyzed what they could mean. You were
brilliant in your analysis, and you were all much more specific about meaning after the
examination of Martha, destruction (which led to fire), death, guilt, weight, weather (which led
to sunlight), and escape. See the class website for the highlights of your analysis.
In How to Tell a True War Story, OBrien tries to find the words for the ineffable nature of the
war story. Then, he opens the chapter Sweetheart of Song Tra Bong with a qualification of Rat
Kileys storytelling. Think about all this.
Now, consider Artemis:
Artemis (Diana): Twin sister of Apollo; goddess of wild animals, hunting; also the
goddess of young, virgin women, and is called upon by women in childbirth.
Sometimes associated with the moon but not properly a moon goddess; by the
classical period she is often linked with the chthonic 1 goddess Hecate, who is
associated with Selene, the personified moon.
Iconography: depicted as an athletic maiden, more attractive and erotic than
Athena, less voluptuous than Aphrodite; wears short (thigh-length) hunting
dress. Attributes: bow and arrows or quiver; hair ribbon; deer or wild goat, bear,
quail; torch. Sometimes soft leather hunting boots. 2

So heres the prompt (consider all of this and more):

Explore the role of Mary Anne in the story so far.


Of the underworld