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UPDATE|Apple Builds Hope Around New Net Products By Arik Hesseldaht Jobs, who showed up unexpect- leased later this quarter. Jobs ‘pve Compurer launched an edly at the conference, also said called it “the most important re- offensive to recapture its the iMac would include a 56-Kbps lease of the Mac OS yet.” eroded share of the consumer modem rather than the 33.6-Kbps ‘Mac OS 835 will include Sher- ‘computer market by making the unit originally planned. Other Inter- lock, the code name for a new fea- ‘Mac, its eye-catching new Intemet netrelated items bundled with the ture that adds the ability to search ‘computer, the centerpiece of the new machine include connection the Internet to the “Find File” func- MacWorld Expo trade show in software for EarthLink, version 4.0 tion. Several search engines—Alta- ‘New York City ast week. ‘of America Online's software, and Vista, HotBot, Lycos, and Excite It was at the MacWorld confer- Netscape Communicator 4.05. ‘among them—will be included as tence in Boston a year ago that Microsoft, seemingly determined ‘checkbox options in the new fea- ‘Steve Jobs, a cofounder of Apple _ to winmore friends among the Mac ‘ture. Another update, OS 8.6, is ex- ‘and now its spiritual leader, first community, announced a Mac-spe- ‘pected in early 1999. ‘Jobs also said the first devel coper's release of the Mac OS X Server (pronounced “ten”), will be ‘announced a$150-million software — cifle upgrade to its browser, Inter- ‘development alliance with Miero- net Explorer 4.01, that will be bun- ‘soft [see “Apple Mulls Future died with the iMac. ‘With Microsoft,” Aug. 11, 1997]. New features in IE 4.01 for the released during the first quarter of Some Mac users at the time re- Mac include Web archiving, a fea- 1099, with a full release of OS X garded the pact as a deal with the ture that lets users save Web site scheduled for the third quarter of devil, but that feeling was less evi- content into one file. A new Tabs 1909. The new OS will use much of dent last week among conference- feature wil allow users to keep the ‘the foundation of the Rhapsody OS ‘goers when Jobs announced Ap- results oftheir Web searches in one ‘that has been under development ple’s plans to bundle Microsoft's pane of the browsing window si- bby Apple, but will be more compat- Internet Explorer and Outlook Ex-multaneously with the content of ‘ble with existing Macintosh appli- press with the iMac. the pages they select from the re- cations, the company said. “Tuse IE and [like it,” Jobs said. sults, a feature already in the Win- search BROWSERS ‘pple Computer—wrv ‘yterash cere. Merestt—wwv.nieresf om ‘pple Mas otra With Mires Dita ty—wre usr0e— wre. ‘wren com eit 1997/0871 /ews HTT ovary| erFane—ervsenian com