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Polypharmacology: changes and opportunities in drug Discovery.

The article talks about the discovery of new techniques in the production of drugs.
The principal objective of the work in this article is find a new drug whose formula
has the selectivity and potency characteristics. This with the objective that the
people who has a terminal disease or a disease which needs a treatment with a los
of drugs and chemical process only need take a simple drug, with the positive
effect of that, the human body will have a best performance, and maybe the
malignant cells will die.
The idea of the scientist have is make a combination of the most potential drugs
and the more selectivities, obtaining their principals characteristics and with this
information, create and formulate that they call the magic drug of all the times.
Another characteristic that the multi target have to has is not be toxic and reduce
thesecondary effects in the tissue, this have to be more resistant to the malignant
cells or the microorganisms into the human body.
The experiment consist in produce a drug available of attract in different reas,
using differents line, or do his effects in the proteins that have to be moddificated.

Susette Paola Daz Barajas.

English 3.