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Presented by : Myra Leslie S.


Hematologic Malignancies
What are the most common pain syndrome?
Neuropathic pain
Bone pain related to bone marrow expansion
Headache related to CNS involvement

What is lymphomas?
What are the types of lymphomas?
a.) Hodgskins
b. Non-hodgskins : CNS lymphoma such as in HIV

Immunoproliferative disease
Multiple myeloma
Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia
What are the most common sites?
Proximal long bone

Rehabilitation :
Active exercise: walking
Precaution : risk of bleeding in thrombocytopenia
For patients taking higher dose of steroids:
Proximal muscle strength such as back extension and
upper extremity extension

Lung cancer
Produce fatigue and deconditioning
Apical lung tumor :
Pancoast tumor :
Invade lower cervical nerve roots by direct extension
producing referred pain in the shoulder

Pain management
Education on pulmonary hygiene
Breathing techniques
With surgical resection :
Coughing techniques
Pursed lip
Diaphragmatic breathing
Post op : cough may be best tolerated with knee flexed

G.I. malignancies
2nd leading cause of cancer
4th most prevalent carcinoma
Surgery : only curative tx with adjuvant chemotherapy

Brain tumor
Differentiate malignant and benign tumor

Benign :
Pituitary adenomas
Acoustic neuroma :
Symptoms :
Facial palsy, facial numbness, hydrocephalus

Anaplastic astrocytoma
Glioblastoma multiforme
Prognosis: Poor