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US Government II

Unit 7: Summative Assignment

Mr. Ring

ESSENTIAL QUESTION 7.1: How is the economic well-being of a country measured and regulated?
ESSENTIAL QUESTION 7.2: How does the government make economic policy decisions?
Summative Assignment
For the summative assignment for this unit you will be asked to select a topic that interests you to
research and explain in-depth. With a partner, choose the topic youre most interested in and then you will
need to perform research to answer the extension questions.

Topics - Choose One: (look for correlating questions on the back)

Spending and Taxes
Monetary Systems
Measuring the Economy
Economic Policies
Comparative Advantage
Global Economy

Project submission forms:(Select a new submission format)

Prezi (citations, proper grammar, edited, etc.)
Video (citations, edited, etc.)
Popplet (citations, proper grammar, edited, etc.)
PowToon (citations, proper grammar, edited, etc.)
Essay (citations, proper grammar, edited, etc.)
Other (citations, proper grammar, edited, etc.)

How to submit:
Add completed project to your weebly page (unit 6)
Complete submission form on Mr. Rings website
Form in under unit 7: Government and the Economy


Directions and Timeline:

Choose partner
Choose topic
Research and address questions (be prepared to go beyond questions)
Create submission format
Submit project
Tentative Timeline:
Tuesday - Explain assignment
Wednesday - Finish formative assignments
Thursday - Work Day (turn in formative assignments)
Weekend - Continue working
Monday - Continue working (Start Unit 8)
Tuesday - Continue working
Wednesday - Projects due by Midnight online

Spending and Taxes

What goods and services does the government provide?

US Government II

Unit 7: Summative Assignment

Mr. Ring

What role do entitlement programs and discretionary spending play in the government's regulation of the
How are expansionary policies and contractionary policies used by the government to regulate the
How does government encourage or increase competition among businesses?
How does the government regulate private business?
What are the difficulties of governmental regulation of private business?
Monetary Systems
What gives money value?
What is the structure of the Federal Reserve System?
What are the functions of the Federal Reserve System?
What the methods used by the FED to regulate the nation's money supply and expand or contract the
nation's economy?

Measuring the Economy

What is the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and how is it measured?
What are some of the difficulties in measuring a nation's GDP?
Explain how the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is used to measure the growth of the economy.
What economic indicators are used to measure the nation's economic well being?

Economic Policies
How does the federal budget reflect choices?
How does entitlement spending affect discretionary spending?
How can government policy decisions result in unintended consequences?
What benefits do government economic policies provide? (Businesses? People in need?)
What qualifications are used to secure the various forms of government spending?

Comparative Advantage
Explain factors that play a role in the production of goods and services.
Why do countries trade?
How has the use of specialization and comparative advantage increased interdependence between

Global Economy
In what ways do countries manage or regulate trade?
How does a nations trade balance affect its economy?
How do agreements between countries increase or slow trade around the world?
How can economic policies be used to influence another governments political behavior?