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We will provide a standardsbased educational program,

which creates lifelong learners
and responsible citizens.

Welcome to our classroom! As you childs teacher, I hope you will be an active member of our teaching
team. I am looking forward to working with you and your child and getting to know you this year. Please
read over the packet and feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding our classroom.
The best way that you can help your child with reading is to read with him/her daily. It is also important for
your child to see you reading, writing, and using your math skills. Visiting the library is a great family habit
to begin if you have not already done so. Our base library is a wonderful resource in our community. The
childrens section has a good selection of books.
You are your childs first teacher and will continue to be throughout his/her life. What you do is important as
you model for your child on a daily basis, helping them relate to their world. Remember that more is caught
than taught!
The curriculum is based on DoDDS standards in all subject areas. The standards outline what students
should know, understand, and be able to do when they advance to the next grade. They have been
designed to prepare your child for the world that awaits him/her. School is the place where the environment
is created for the child. The purpose is to guide a child to construct meaning of their world; to build on prior
knowledge when making connections with new information; and to solidify and deepen their understanding
of current knowledge. Integrating the curriculum is essential in helping children make sense of their world
and seeing connections in their learning experiences with previous knowledge. Best practices for learning
include authentic experiences, modeling, understanding the process, and developmentally appropriate
activities. Children learn best when it is relevant to their world, has personal meaning, and through
interaction with others. Curriculum starts where a child is at and stretches a child to move to a higher level
of understanding.
I plan and teach the curriculum thematically and integrate subjects. For example, when we study the
science standards on weather, we will have lessons planned in language arts, as well as science activities
built around the weather theme. Math is usually included in any major way around the thematic unit.

Our grading policy is consistent with the DoDEA report card. Assessments may include; written and oral
activities, projects, writing, published tests, observation and anecdotal notes. Every opportunity will be
afforded for your child to experience success. If your child is having difficulty, a parent conference will be
set up. If we decide that more help is needed then various specialists may be consulted.