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I’ve Got a Camera And I’m Not Afraid
To Use It!

From our newest TV series PERSPECTIVES OF
Hello from (almost) LONDON!
It has been many years since we have
developed a new magazine format publication to help to tell the story of what we
do. Yet this is exactly the format that is so
adaptable for media. We hope that you
like it. Please drop us an e-mail to let us
know your helpful comments at
It is hard to believe that just one year ago
I was preparing for my first trip into
North Korea to oversee our joint feeding
programme of what is today a God-send
to 25,000 school kids there EVERY DAY!
Today, after two trips in 2014, I am
busily putting together some presentations for some of the tops schools in the
country. What a great opportunity to
share what the country and the people
are REALLY like - instead of the government propaganda fed to us by Western
governments and media.
After having just released our first TV
programme in the Perspectives of Leadership series we are also preparing to
release many of the first 16 shows/DVDs

ALREADY filmed - out of a total of 52
parts! My guests include Dr. Yonggi Cho,
Angus Buchan (Faith Like Potatoes), Ravi
Zacharias, Lord David Alton, Che Ahn, Dr.
Ted Baehr, Bishop Sandy Millar and
MORE! God is gracious and given us a “star
lineup” of our THIRD 52 part leadership
series with most of the “top names” in
Christian leadership!
As I have written on the following pages we
are attempting to help people to solidify
their knowledge of what we are doing in
God’s Kingdom to advance it and reach the
unreached for Jesus Christ.
Thank you for praying with us in what we
always call - probably the most unusual
ministry in the world - reaching those who
many would not think possible to reach.
We can only do it as you prayerfully consider and follow the Lord’s leading in sowing
into the vital work.

Yours for the harvest!

Dr. Terry Ascott is the
Founder and CEO of the
world’s first Christian
TV network into the Middle East - one of the
most challenging fields
in the world. In this DVD
Terry shares with us the
challenges of starting
and running such a network - being blatantly
Gospel and yet working
together with one of the
most diverse groups on
the planet!

Thank you!

I’ve Got a Camera

STRATEGICALLY - It is , in a
sense, a code
word for The
Great Commission! When we
operate in countries to do our humanitarian work
we can not always
wear the wrapper
of a “ministry”
being salt and
light. As far as the
and people we work
with are concerned we are an NGO in that nation to assist. WORKING TOGETHER is an important concept when a particular government or people
group do NOT want the world to think that they need help. They want
the world to think that they are self-sustaining. We are more than happy
to NOT be in the limelight, NOT take credit for what we are doing and
work quietly in the background. The work is still being done no matter
who get the credit.
HANDS GLOBAL will also be working with companies that wish to
know more about difficult areas of the world. How can one get a visa, use
funds, hire workers. We and our co-workers and contacts have lifetimes
of experience in clearing the murky and muddy waters of “closed nation”.


I still remember when, at
the age of 15, I bought my
first second hand Super
8mm camera and realised
that I could tell stories with
it. I made a (to me) full
length film of a trip to
Washington, D.C. People
seemed to enjoy it. When I
entered the Pastorate I
thought that my “camera
days” were gone for good. guests. The Christian guests tell their story but in a
soft evangelism kind of way. When the "non Christian" guests are being interviewed we still delve
Yet decades later I found
God calling me to combine into the spiritual area to see what makes each of our
both my camera / filming guests "tick".
and ministry. Since that
time I have watched as me- MANNA - or humanitarian assistance. Working in
dia has become so central mostly closed countries the food and assistance that
we offer to people is available to both Believers and
to the 21st century story
non-Believers. It is also a great way to open doors
into nations.
In this ministry our main
MISSIONS - helping churches, NGOs, charities,
activities can be centred
etc. our aim is to provide tools, encouragement,
around the following:
mentoring and live and media based training to
help to train up the next generation of leaders.
MEDIA - including TV
and film production for
MINISTRY - through the teaching and preaching
both the Christian TV
"market" and the "secular" of The Gospel of Jesus Christ and God's Word we
TV "market". The secular work in areas, methods and opportunities that very
productions take the form few ministries or organisations have.
of Inspirational productions which feature on al- The key to much of all of this is the CAMERA!
ternating weeks both
Christian and non-Christian


When I used to travel around the world with heavy broadcast and recording
equipment I never would have imagined that day that we could actually hold a
"BBC-style production kit" inside of a small suitcase. Media is so key to communicating to the world in 2015.
God has and continues to guide us through a variety of open doors that leave
most people dumbfounded when they hear what we are doing and what we
are about to do. From geographical hotspots to networking and being salt and
light with some of the top leaders in the world in business, fashion, finance,
religion, TV, film and entertainment, writing, politics and so many more our
week is filled with keeping in touch and moving forward in the spiritual realm
each of our contacts.
Combining both the ministry and the media has allowed us to develop thousands of relationships with almost every facet of society in even the most
closed countries. I can still well remember sitting in a (for Westerners only)
pizza restaurant in Pyongyang, North Korea. A karaoke singer began to sing
the song “Edelweiss” from “The Sound of Music” film. With that I was able
to open up a great discussion with one of our five “minders” - pitching the
idea of starting “cultural evenings” in that nation for the very first time. I was
able to do that because of my friendship with the granddaughter of Maria von
Trapp and my having already asked her of she would be interested in presenting a very unique concert. After having spent a couple of days with her filming in Salzburg, Austria we had been able to flesh out a plan of operation for
this project. I never would have been able to begin the story without having
used a camera and a certain amount of boldness!
Yes, I do have a camera and I am NOT afraid to use it - for the advancement
of God’s Kingdom and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus used the “camera”
of the day - parables - to teach and present the Kingdom of God to people
who, mostly could not read or at least not have access to reading materials.
Jesus used the term “BROADCAST” when he talked about spreading the
world of God. In that day it meant to throw (literal) seeds into a field in every
direction. Today we BROADCAST worldwide into most nations to about 1.8
BILLION people! Some seed falls by the wayside but some seed brings forth
30, 60 and a hundredfold for God’s Kingdom!


* Principles of Praise - In this series we meet the leading singer /
songwriters and worship leaders throughout the world in many
veins - from opera singer to country Western from soul to traditional and Gospel these men and women are influencing praise
and worship worldwide.
* Stars in His Crown - features leading Christian producers, directors, actors, actresses, composers, etc. and examines their career
path and story.
* Fast, Pray, Love - The Principles of Prayer - features the men
and women of God who have led, written about and practiced influential prayer in their lives and ministries.
* Into All the World - This series has often been called a "spiritual
National Geographic". We not only see the sights and sounds of
each city and nation but also meet the leading local and national
church and ministry leaders in that part of the world.
Our “Inspirational” TV Series
* Principles of Business - features some of the leading business
"names" in the world with a good mixture of those from the West
and those from Asia (mainly China).
* Principles of Literature - Have you ever wondered what the story
is behind some of the classics of literature - or other favourite
"reads"? In this delving series we find out "the stories behind the
* NextGen & Kin - In this series we meet people with "household
name" last names or connections but those who have made their
own mark in a similar or completely opposite area - from rock
singers to authors to religious leaders these men and women have
seen the positives and the negatives of having a familiar name.
* Principles of Competition - In this unique series we get to meet
the men and women behind the headlines of sport and competition.


We have produced and are producing over 30 cutting edge and
very unique television programmes. Some of them are being
aired worldwide on over 40 independent TV networks with an
estimated audience of over 1.8 billion people.
Our Christian Productions - for Christian TV networks
(Almost all are available on DVD)
* Principles of Leadership - In this series we meet with 52 of the top Christian leaders in many different fields and backgrounds. These men and
women are "household names" throughout the world and/or influencers
impacting their sectors.
* Precepts of Leadership - Picks up where Principles of Leadership left off.
Some of our 52 new guests are second generational leaders in their own
right and names that are easily recognisable around the globe. Others are
impacting cities, nations and the world.
* Perspectives of Leadership - is being filmed from 2013 through 2016.
This 52 part series, once again, features some of the most loved and respected Christian authors, ministers, speakers, governmental and world renowned leaders.
THAT'S 156 of the world's top Christian leaders from every sector of society!
From Dr. Yonggi Cho to Joyce Meyer to "Brother" Yun, "Brother Andrew"
to Luis Palau, Jackie Pullinger to Francis Chan - all in exclusive one-on-one
interviews filmed "on location" worldwide.
* Facing the Challenge - We ask some of our most popular TV guests about
particular flashpoint subjects that affect the lives of leaders: setting priorities, handling criticism, handling delicate crises, church growth, reading,


Only a handful of films have ever
been produced with exclusive
footage from inside “The Hermit
Kingdom” as so often North Korea is called. In 2014 we were
given unique access to film and
photograph inside some of the
areas of the country that NO
EVEN SEEN! In two visits
which spanned much of the
length and breadth of the country doors were made open for us
to be able to document this very
touching and exclusive story.
We are expecting “Bread Diplomacy” to be a film that will not
start any international wars of
words or warmongering rhetoric. The very simple story will be
told of a joint project - the bringing together of a way to join
forces to help a nation reeling
from the sanctions that have
touched everyone - all the way
down to small school children
trying to succeed in life through
a good education.

to talk about the experience without
breaking down for a number of
The most surprising thing that most
people do not realise is that North
Korea is a very beautiful land. Its
mountains are some of the most
breathtaking and the natural products
that it harvest are so untouched by
Western additives. The beauty of the
animal habitats is nothing like I have
ever seen. It is indeed like stripping off
all of the years of industrialisation and
commercialisation. You will not find
billboards littering the landscape asking for you to get in debt because
“You are worth it”.

I look forward to seeing new parts of
I must say that in my first visit I the country and meeting more of its
w as so touched that I was unable lovely citizens.