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Dear Prayer Partner & Friend,
Has it only been 2 months since our last
Newsletter? September & October has
been such a blessed time of God-given
opportunities and open doors. The first
message given by telegraph was by Samuel Morse on 24 May 1844 “What hath
God wrought?”. In the same way that
those words changed history God is still
doing mighty things in the realm of media and in people’s hearts and lives. His
message is still at the heart of it all!
It will take almost the remainder of this
column just to list, in shorthand, the
events of a couple of months in God’s
work here.
CEVMA (see Report on Page 10)
Interviews with Christopher Silber (Stars
In His Crown), Carlos Martinez (SIHC),
Jonathan Verwer (NextGen) and Owen
Stephens (SIHC),
Interview with Jarrod Cooper (Principles
of Praise), Michelle Guinness (Precepts
of Leadership) and in China Amber Deetlefs (POB), John O’Loghlin (POB), Rev.
Duan Huilai & Lin Aimin (Film - BEJING: City of 10,000 Stories), Doug
Stevens (Precepts) and Robin Hill (Film-

BEIJING City of…).
Interviews with Stephen Gaukroger (Precepts), Kim Goh (Precepts), Rick Ridings
(Principles of Prayer), Charlie Cleverly
(Precepts), Anita Cleverly (PO Prayer), Julie
Sheldon (SIHC) and Fraser Doherty (Principles of Business).

Thank you so much for prayer for a continued hectic schedule in November & December. Even 2012 is almost totally booked and
will cover more than in all previous years.
God is so good! The more we allow Him to
use us the more He can do in and through
us. Yet, don’t confuse activity with Kingdom
productivity. Many are so busy FOR God
that they have no time WITH God. Don’t
make that mistake. He is looking not for
ability but for availability.

Yours for the harvest!


From a hilltop miles from the bustling city of Frankfurt (what some call
the financial centre of Europe) - (see our report in Issue 72) a group of
Christian directors, producers, distributors, performers, etc. met in September to hear and to share what God has been doing throughout the year
in the areas of film and TV. There were no media moguls amongst us and
yet collectively we represented ministries, companies and organisations
that touch billions of people on
this planet with
the Gospel of Jesus. While the
world’s media has
jumped headlong into and almost fully back
out of fads such as
3D there is a
long-range plan
and mission for
these men and
women of God.
Good friend of
George Verwer
had us laughing
and crying ant
his stories, sometimes both for the
same story. He stirred
within us the vision and need for reaching the world at every level and in
every need. From Spain to Germany, Romania to the U. S. A. and almost
every point between we heard reports of breakthroughs and challenges.
As 2011 marks the 30th anniversary of CEVMA there was a bit of looking
back at how this all began. Through many changes in media and in
networking times have changed.


Each ministry trip to China seems to have its own
characteristic. On one trip
I interviewed what one
one influential leader
called “the top 3 Christian
today.”On this eventful
“missionary journey” God
seemed to be leading into
new areas. As three of our
twenty-eight TV series are
about to be aired across
China some of the task on
this trip was to film interviews for “Principles of
Business”. In this unique
series we interview a well
known Christian businessperson one week and
the next week a well
known non-Christian one.
That means that we have
the opportunity to tap into
the hearts, lives and minds
of some of China’s business
“movers and shakers” the people that are influencing
across the globe. From a
former Goldman Sachs
dealer to a South Ameri

can architect many key contacts were made.
China is at a new crossroads in its post-modern
life. When we first started making contacts with
people and organisations there it was an emerging economy. Today when a nation’s economy is
in trouble China is the first port of call for financing. Because of this that great nation holds the
“I.O.U”s for many of the once mighty economies. China is now “calling the shots”. Because
it, in the past, was reliant on the materials manufactured for other nations today China is stirring
up the desire within its people to want the “Made
in China” label. One of the fastest sectors within
China is the rocketing luxury market items - not
just the knock-offs but genuine “gown at home”
luxury brands.
Spiritually, China is even a more unique position.
Although the presence of approximately 100 million Believers is still a minority the growth of the
Christian church is phenomenal. More and more
the nation is becoming known as a place where
the Christian religion is encouraged. Under-


standing the very unique position of the various facets of the Chinese
church takes years. As a ministry we have dedicated ourselves to understanding and conveying the intricacies of it yet we are still learning. There
are Registered churches, unregistered (underground) churches, international churches, registered unregistered churches and unregistered unregistered churches. One of the visions and predictions that many observers
and pray-ers have is that these specific lines will, one day, be eradicated.
There will just be “the Church in China”. Many even believe that this
crossroads have already been crossed in the hearts and minds of many.
Years ago East and West Germany past the “signs” of the crossroads and
all walls melted away. When “Principles of Leadership” guest Brother
Andrew searched for the Christians he found that they were not in the
churches. They were not in the prayer meetings. He finally stumbled on a
caretaker. “God’s Smuggler” enquired of him where the Believers were.
The sad but simple reply was “They’ve all gone shopping.” As Chinese
believers have more and more ability to partake of the “delicacies” of the
West - from iPods to movies let us pray that they still become that shining
light that they have been in the world of Christianity.
Watchman Nee, imprisoned for his faith for the last 20 years of his life has
written “Whenever you meet someone who has really suffered; been

limited, gone through things for the Lord, willing to be imprisoned
by the Lord, just being satisfied with Him and nothing else, immediately you scent the fragrance. There is a savour of the Lord. Something has been crushed, something has been broken, and there is a
resulting odour. of sweetness.” There are many today that have still
not come anywhere need a crossroad of having more ability to
worship and serve God in any kind of ease. The country is a country
of dichotomies. Our job in the West is not to attempt to fully
understand them but to pray for them, to provide materials for their
spiritual growth and outreach, to encourage them and be alongside
in times of need and hurt - for The Church to be The Church.


Having used the same logo for approximately 15 years we felt
that it was time to produce a statement that was more 21st
Century than 1990’s. Here is the breakdown of the symbolism
contained within it:
- Represents the eternal and eternity - The ever
present thought and implications of the reasons why we do
what we do through the world.
- The earth is blood red representing the blood of
Jesus Christ shed for the sins of the world. The light reflection
represents the Believers as showing the light of Jesus.
- To represent the increasing speed of media
and communications to get the message across. It also represents the ever increasing speed of the approach to the end of
time and the return of Jesus Christ.
- Representing God the Father, God the Son and
God the Holy Spirit. It also represents the all encompassing
facets of our outreach to mankind - spirit, soul and body.
- Again we take the shortened form of our
legal name Harvest Fields Commissioning International to be
easier to remember and easier to convey.


Martin Luther - The Man, The Life

Ÿ Suzette Hattingh

Bobby Downes
Gary Wheeler
Bart Gavigan
John Grooters
Sven Wichmann
Tabitha Webb


David Kirkland
Gary Grant
Trevor Baylis
Carol Chow
Zhao Xiao

Yours for a gift of
£8 ($12) each or
£80 ($120)

Over 500 years ago the actions
of one man changed the course
of church history. The German
pries and professor of Theology
felt deep stirrings in his heart
about the commercialism of the
church. Those feelings led to
actions that eventually led to a
more Biblical world view and
theology. That is why Martin
Luther’s story is one that needs
to be re emphasised today in the
21st century.
Bart Gavigan, a good friend of
this ministry, has written and
produced that award winning
masterpiece of a film”Luther”. It
stars Jospeh Fiennes and Peter
Ustinov and shows the passion
and yet the personality of the
man that was Luther. Bart has
explained to us, in an interview
for the “Stars in His Crown” TV
series, that his philosophy of
filmmaking is to show the humanity of each man or woman

he portrays. The same holds true for
his film “End of the Spear” about the
5 murdered missionaries in the 1950’s.
Now HFC International, OLI Productions and Principles TV are producing
a film called “Martin Luther - The
man, The Life”. It will take 2-3 years
to complete production and will include many of the locations where
Luther lived and dies. It was at Wartburg Castle, not too far from Frankfurt, Germany that Martin Luther
translated the New Testament so that
anyone could be taught and listen to
the Bible. He called this period in time
“my Patmos”.
Later on in life, however, Luther came
our with a number of anti-Semitic
statements that give even his most
staunch supporter and opportunity to
scratch their heads in bewilderment.

Martin Luther was, indeed, a man
for his day - and ours as well.