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Dear Prayer Partner & Friend,
Taking the list of people that I continually come into contact with - whether interviewing, meeting or “by accident” I often
marvel and praise God that it covers so
many different sectors. From politics to
economics, film and TV to the music
industry these men and women of God
also come from different Christian
“streams” and backgrounds. To me it is
a reflection of Ephesians 4 that God has
tightly joined together the Body, His
Body, for the purpose of edifying the
Body and reaching the lost. About 2 years
ago I was fuming rather than praying
about the antics of a British comedian Russell Brand and his hostility against
Believers. God brought a young woman
from a Christian family into his life. Now
even CNN’s Piers Morgan has said that
Russell has changed and “grown up”. A
couple of years ago a few of us were in
the home of a certain leader of a country.
This week I read that the son is being
tried in an international court for national crimes against his country. Please pray
for him. Please pray for us as we meet
these people and seek to be salt and light.
Please pray for the individuals that we
interview and meet that aren’t yet in

God’s Kingdom. People are always asking
me “Where are you off to next?” This
month the answer is Europe and Asia. I’ll be
interviewing some Pastors - all in one city
and from different “streams” all impacting
their city and nation for Jesus Christ. What
another beautiful story of the unity of the
faith and God’s grace. On another trip I’ll be
interviewing some very unique people for
our “Principles of Business” TV series soon
to be broadcast across China on national
TV. Again, if you know of a more unique
ministry reaching such a strata of society
please let me know. I remember being in one
“closed” country and being asked to sit at
the VIP table with “party” and business
leaders. God definitely has a sense of humour and just likes to reach down and say
“not qualified but called”. The next thing
you know He’ll be calling “ignorant” fishermen to help lead His Church! I believe that
our ministry also encourages all of us that
with God we are a majority. It’s not our
ability but our availability that He is looking
for. With that 5 loaves & 2 fish He can do
great things.

(South Africa & worldwide cable)

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There are some months
that filming, meetings and
conferences are a bit
“closer to home” than
other months. Recently
that has been the case.
The Sabaoth International
Film Festival, based in Milan, Italy, is a Christian
one which brings in participants from all over the
world. Normally held every two years it was held,
this time, after a three
year gap. It is a time of
showcasing recent productions and meeting
many of the top people
involved in Christian film
and TV production. This
year one of the award
winning films was “Frontier Boys” co-produced
and directed by John
Grooters from the USA.
We were able to film an
interview with John for
our “Stars in His Crown”
TV series and uncover
some of the stories behind
the filming of this truly
unique production. John’s
son stars as one of the

teens in the film. Starring Christian singer
Rebecca St. James the story follows the
sports and antics of a group of high school
young men.
Before the film festival I was able to meet
with an old friend Chuck Hall who has been
ministering in Italy for decades. Chuck is the
head of TBN Europe which broadcasts directly from the studio outside of Milan. They
are now looking to broadcast our award
nominated films “Fire in Brazil” and “Awakening Israel” which are available in Italian. It
was such a joy to be reacquainted with Chuck
and his Italian wife.
According to news and entertainment reports
the No. 1 female pop singer in the world
today is either Lady Gaga or Katy Perry. The
latter started out in life being born into a
Christian home, her parents being Pastors.
Today Katy has decided to take a “detour”
from that pathway and recently married comedian and actor Russell Brand. Her parents
are now evangelists and travel the world


sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Keith and Mary were in the U. K. recently to
attend their son-in-law’s premiere of his latest film “Hop” and their daughter’s
Wembley Arena sold-out concert. They also were able to minister at some local
churches. In one church about 75% of the audience were new people from the
town, mostly youth. Some of those young people responded to the invitation to
salvation in Jesus
The final story from
activities centre on
visit of Producer
Bart Gavigan.
We were able to enjoy a low-key
event - something quite rare in
our schedule.
Bart was the writer
and Producer
of the film “End of
The Spear” the story of the missionaries martyred in South America
in the 50’s. He also
produced the film “Luther” starring Joseph Fiennes and Peter Ustinov. The
dramatic portrayal of the life and death of Martin Luther is, interestingly, quite
popular in Italy. Some years ago I remember buying a copy of the film there and
sowing it into a local church near Rome. Bart will soon be on his way to a country
that we also minister in and be salt and light in a number of national secular TV
and film productions.
“So”, you might ask, “is this a typical month in the life of our ministry?” Obviously
we have left out the mountains of reports and paperwork every month, the
thousands of e-mails to and from leaders around the globe, the buying of equipment, conference calls to our distributors and licensees, continually looking for
more office and production space and prayer and Bible Study as well as sharing
our spiritual and financial needs with our Partners. Yet, it is fairly typical. In the
month of May there will be a trip to a European country and three interviews and
filming there, a trip to a “closed” country for filming, interviewing, meeting with
distributors there and meetings for plans for future growth there. There’ll be a trip
south of London for a Christian exhibition and interview with singer/songwriter
Stewart Townend for “”Principles of Praise” TV and then an interview with author
Philip Yancey for “Precepts of Leadership” TV and a meeting at The House of
Lords at Parliament.


Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dale Carnegie

William James

Missionary / Martyr Jim Elliott

Mother Theresa

Henry David Thoreau

Maya Angelou

George Edward Woodberry


The Depth of Leadership

Pre-Order the first 13
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the world with the
Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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I was once asked on a TV programme what I felt was the one
key to leadership and I stated
that years ago I heard someone
say “You pay attention to the
depth of your ministry / leadership and let God take charge of
the breadth of the ministry /
leadership.” I have always remembered and tried to carry out
that advice. Most young girls, in
a recent survey here in the UK,
stated that their goal was to grow
up to be a WAG (wife of a rich
footballer) or a reality TV star.
Both of these, like the lottery,
seem to offer instant fame, recognition and fortune. There’s no
pain yet plenty of gain. However,
as many “WAGs” have discovered, they are just one in a series
of “conquests” and not a fairytale princess.
There is no greater example of
leadership than the example of
Jesus Christ. At the cross almost
all denied Him or hid away from
the authorities. Yet, for our
sakes, He endured the cross and
triumphed over the grave. The
great men and women in history
- the heroes, went against the
tide of popularism and led by

example. One of the greatest shames
and shams of this age is the breed of
politician who says “Don’t do as I do.
Do as I say.” “Beliefs” are there merely as a vote gaining exercise. Everything is a “do” rather than a “be” (as
in “We don’t
God”). Jesus also
spent nights praying for His followers.
He laid down His life for those who
were His disciples and those who hated Him. There were sometimes when
thousands followed Him and other
times when no one did. Yet, He was
always the Leader of leaders. A following does not define a calling. Otherwise, Madonna and Lady Gaga would
be God’s highest prophetesses. God’s
level of success is so much higher than
our earthly concept of that word. Our
depth must be one that is rooted in
God’s Word and in fellowship with