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Dear Prayer Partner & Friend,
I am often asked “Why China?”. My
simple answer is that when much of our
work and outreach is leadership training
and over 100 million people in that nation are begging for more of it then it’s a
natural “fit”. So many areas of society
there are opening up for those who
would like to sow to the people there.
Some companies that arrive in China in
order to take advantage of financial prosperity leave disappointed. The reason is
that the need in China is not physical
goods but an understanding and application of principles that were missed in
what was, previously, a closed society.
One of our guests on “Principles of
Leadership” and also “Principles of Business” was sent years ago by the Chinese
government to the U. S. to find out what
makes a strong economy. To the amazement of this atheist and Communist he
discovered that a society that has a strong
church and strong Christians has a
strong economy. It was enough to
change his life and he became a Believer.
It is that new life that is the centre of our
attention in our new film, currently in
post-production “New Year, New China,
New You”. The Lunar New Year was just

celebrated wherever Chinese people are.
This festival is also called “The Spring Festival” and marks the end of winter. Fireworks are everywhere and you cannot walk
more than an inch without seeing red
splashed all over. Friend of this ministry
Dennis Balcombe was in the U. K. at this
time sharing with churches about the close
connection between these celebrations and
the Passover. You see chasing out the “dragon” of misfortune has more to do with the
blood of The Lamb cancelling the power of
sin than lucky ornaments and trinkets. This
is the message that China so desperately
needs to hear. As you can see on Page 11
some of our films and TV programmes will
start to be broadcast on China’s national TV
networks - unheard of 10 or even just a few
year’s ago. It was certainly above our meagre imaginations to even hope for such a
breakthrough. The harvest is, indeed, white
but the labourers are, certainly, too few to
carry these “baskets” of breakthrough.

(South Africa & worldwide cable)

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Come and join us in this joyful Harvest!

Yours for the harvest!
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New Year, New China, New You


A visitor to Ephesus

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There’s change underfoot
in China. In a land where
some things go back thousands of years change
usually creeps it way slowly, if at all. Just a few years
ago religion was first
mentioned in an amendment to the ruling instrument. The change that is
taking place is not an economic revolution but a
change of people’s goals
and beliefs.
Each springtime (February or so) the Lunar New
Year takes place. It has
been likened to Passover
due to many similarities.
Every corner of a home is
swept. Preparations are
made for the festivities.
Some food is made because it looks like gold
ingots. Other food is
cooked because the name
sounds like “good fortune”. Rice cakes are eaten because the word for
the cakes sounds like “becoming more and more
successful”. Signs for
prosperity are hung upside

down because that means good luck. Firecrackers and fireworks are set off from days
before the New Year until over two weeks
afterwards. It is believed that they chase away
evil spirits and misfortune. Even modern
hotels have a dragon ceremony in order to
cleanse from the bad and welcome the good.
Everything speaks of “new”.
The new China that is taking centre stage on
the world setting is a China that is both
methodical and planned. When paving takes
place it usually entails dozens of workers
carrying out the task by hand. Hundreds of
guards and police keep a watchful eye on key
national sites. In places such as Washington
D. C. That amount of security would
overwhelm budgets and personnel. Everything is done in numbers.
When it comes to Christians in China the
same things is true. With a now higher
estimated 100 millions + Believers and over
1 million new converts every year that would
stagger and change any nation. However, it


must be kept is mind that this is still a minority - yet a growing one. This New Year
celebration is an excellent time of year to share the Gospel because people are
looking for success and change in their lives. They don’t want the “same old, same
old”. A new life can mean a new peace. If you are in China during this Spring
Festival you will
notice that the huge
fairs that are so
popular with the
Chinese are sponsored by the large
temples. At the
centre of the parks
and stands is the
area where incense is
bought and offered, along with
fruit and gifts. The
people, instinctively,
turn to prayer at
the start of the year.
No amount of
atheism or lack of
God can convince
ANY human being
that there is not
what has been called
vacuum” within each
of us. One of my favourite stores to tell is
about the top shoe
salesman who was sent
to a third world country. He sent word back to his bosses “Terrible idea. No one
uses shoes.” They, in turn, sent their Number Two top salesman there in the first
man’s place. He sent back excited word to his bosses “Great idea! EVERYONE
needs shoes!”.
China is such a place. There are over 1 billion people who need the “Good News
Shoes”. Their feet are sore and hurting from the broken glass and stones of man’s
own wisdom, philosophies and religions devoid of hope. It is so exciting that we,
as a ministry, have the opportunity to live in this strategic time and minister in such
a challenging place as the nation of China. We are working alongside of others,
helping to hold up their arms of burden in proclaiming the Good News. More than
one hundred years ago people like Hudson Taylor brought the Gospel and the
Word of God into this land. Politics forced them out but the Word of God
remained. We have experienced more freedom and openness in China than most
of the West. One of the most shocking things I remember seeing when we started
here was a whole section of a Christmas village devoted to a manger scene and a
visual proclamation of the Gospel. It’s a new page for China and things have


Charles S. Lauer

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Peter Marshall

John Greenleaf Whittier

William Shakespeare

Blaine Lee

Blaine Lee

Napoleon Bonaparte


DVDs, TV and The New Media

Yours for a gift of £10 / $15 each or
4 for 3 - £30 / $45 or all 7 for £50 / $75


If you attend any kind of media
conference or consultation you
will soon discover that many
consider the “old style” of TV
programme to be so passe.
Viewers want to watch what they
want when they want to and on
the device they want to use. It
has recently been discovered that
most young people today will
actually be using 2 or 3 devices
at the same time. That is a challenge! Because of this content
has changed - for the most part.
As programmers we used to talk
about the “Sesame Street” attention span - no clip longer than
2-3 minutes before the attention
span was maxed to the limit.
Nowadays we’re talking about,
at the most, 2-3 seconds to grab
attention, fill it with information
and keep it in memory. May of
the people that we deal with
don’t even e-mail information
anymore. It’s all “Twittered” and
“Facebooked”. We want to have
access to “Top Secret” military
secrets and all of the juicy gossip
about celebrity’s private lives. In
a shop recently I heard a promo
for all of the top selling magazines. Their titles all had just

one syllable! Emerging as the most
common way of watching a film is the
internet download. A major Christian
film was just released in the U. S. This
month. I found it in ships across Beijing, China. In a world of 2 TB hard
drives and tiny 32GB memory sticks
we have digitised and miniaturised
everything. Not surprisingly they almost all carry the tag “Made in China”
(correction - nothing literally carries a
physical tag anymore!). TV programmes are watched on computers
and computers can be accessed via
TVs. So many lines of communications do not exist anymore. TV on
telephones and telephones on watches. Yet, in all of this, the Word of God
still stands true and sure and it is “the
preaching of the Cross” that leads a
sinner to Christ - whatever media is


New Year in China