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Dear Prayer Partner & Friend,
In Jerusalem on the first day of December the weather was nearing 30 degrees
(Celsius). Getting off the plane in Sweden just a few days later it is announced
that the outside temperature is -10 degrees! That’s a difference of 40 degrees
and my head is trying to get around the
idea of frying and freezing. My body
would like to curl up to a nice book and
a nice fire but there’s a mission to do and,
as the poet says “miles to go before I
sleep”. Two blocks from where we are a
bomb goes off meant to maim and murder. Yet we bring the Gospel of peace
during a time when the world tries to
understand the angels’ message of
“Peace on Earth”. On my return I am
thrust into a whirlwind of preparations
for 2011 and the busiest year to date and we still don’t have the majority of the
year’s schedule finalised. In a “normal”
year I see 160,000 miles of clouds and
airspace and have over 300 personal
meetings a year, 300 hours worth of
interviews and filming and over 25,000
still photos taken as well as a lot of writing. The schedule of today’s “missionary
/ visionary” is so much different than in
Paul’s day and age. Like the US TV’s

20/20 we are probing to find the answers to
the “whys and wherefores” of people and
places around the world and their spiritual
and physical needs and reasons. However,
in the course of that we meet hundreds and
hundreds of people with stories to tell and
problems to pray for. The physical result of
all of this is broadcast to over 700 million
people worldwide. This month, Lord willing, our plan is to begin enlarging the “home
team” looking after many aspects of the
ministry here in the U. K. as we continue to
expand the “away team” - those dear Brothers and Sisters working together with us in
over 47 nations of the world. Your prayer
and sacrificial financial seeds are vital to
what we do - TOGETHER! This year 2011
will see some new faces and new places. We
are bound to see some new technology that
the Lord will open up for us to use to further
His Kingdom worldwide through evangelism and discipleship. After a trip I’m always
exhausted but so encouraged by exciting
new doors that the Lord continues to open
for us as we do His work.

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Yours for the harvest!
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* The Church of St Savior in Chora,
* The Blue Mosque

* St Sophia

* The Grand Bazaar

* Pergamum

* The remains of the Church of Thyatira

1 night accommodation at
4 Star Hotel in Izmir

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* Philadelphia & The Cathedral.
* Laodicea
* Colossae


* Hierapolis

All airport transfers and baggage
handling throughout tour
5 days of sightseeing in a deluxe air-conditioned vehicle with a professional driver with
licensed professional tour guide in English
Entrance fees to all museums, parks, and
historic sites as marked on the itinerary

* Istanbul

* Pamukkale (The cotton fortress /
* Thermal hotel
* Kusadasi
* Ephesus
* Sirince
* The Basilica of St John
* Temple of Diana

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Just a couple of blocks
from where we were
standing a lone man detonated a bomb meant to kill
hundreds of busy Christmas shoppers. It was the
first terrorist act to take
place in this, usually, neutral country. However this
extremist decided to break
the peace of the city of
Stockholm and the nation
of Sweden by importing
terror. On the same weekend we were filming an
interview with a local Pastor and producing a film
about this unique city,
sometimes called “The
Venice of The North.”
Ironically I had landed on
the day when the Nobel
Peace and associated
prize were being honoured just a stone’s throw
from my hotel. Our latest
film about Sweden is appropriately

of the Peace Prize. However, this is not the only
kind of peace explored in the documentary.
When I first met Andreas Nielsen he was bedecked in a New York Yankees baseball cap. His
accent is an interesting blend of Dixie and Swedish. That is also the story of his life. The young
Pastor of Hillsong Stockholm, previously entitled
The Passion Church, grew up in a family that was
what could be called hypocritically Christian.
Running as far as he could away from this in his
teens Andreas soon secured a recording contract
for himself in the renowned Memphis, Tennessee, home of “The Grand Ole Pry”. It wasn’t long
before he felt the call of God upon his life to
return to his native Sweden and enter full time
ministry. Attending the third and final per-

formance of Hillsong Stockholm’s star studded Christmas music extravaganza one could
only be drawn to the idea that one’s dream
idea of Christmas originated in this land. The
Peace weather and setting lend itself to a
Price” and examines “Christmas card” snapshot of Yuletide
that the fascinating life
of the inventor of dynamite and the instigator


life. My schedule included filming Christmas carollers singing those good oldfashioned Christ centred songs of yesteryear (before everyone became politically
correct). The snow fell and, at another location, a crowd of about 100 danced
around in a circle egged on by Victorian era costumed dancers. I heard two
tourists discussing
the event. “My girlfriends and I stood
there laughing at
when we saw the
outrageous dancing.
though, we found
ourselves in the
middle of it and thoroughly enjoying it.”
Maybe this is at the
heart of why there
is such an increasing
number of Swedes
turning to faith in
Jesus Christ. He’s
there in the songs
and in the holidays.
He’s just been moved
to the back of the
people’s lives.

(Continued from Page 5)
ever, in the Ortiz case he wanted to kill David, Ami’s father.
David and Leah
Ortiz still share the
Gospel of their
Messiah, Yeshua
with those around
them and help both
Jews and Arabs in
need of a helping
hand. Much of
their time, however, is taken up in
telling and retelling
their horror story
that God turned into a hero story –
how God saved
and healed a young man who loves basketball and His Lord and still, to this
day, practices and lives them both.

Pastor Andreas pastors a church full of
many film producers, directors, pop singers and just everyday people. In its brief
history his church has already impacted the city. Filling a large secular theatre
three times for a Christmas presentation cannot be equalled in many other churches in the nation. To present the need for Christ in a person’s life some of his
members put together a collection of filmed vignettes about a poor single parent
family, an alcoholic, a homeless man and a person with no hope. It made people
think and ponder and reflect on their own lives in a way that a spoken sermon
might not have reached. It is Jesus in the marketplace of media speaking in youtube
parables for a generation that thrives on sound bites and blogs.
Many would call a church that changes lives “dangerous” a threat to society while
embracing the rhetoric and hatred that turn many to self-destruction and mass
murder in the name of religion. Jesus came to seek and to save not to maim and to
cause mayhem. He is the reason for life itself.





The story of this brave and
faith filled family is a story with
the same obstacles faced in our
story about Sweden – religious
hatred and ignorance. Young
14-year old Ami Ortiz was athletic and interested in sport –
especially basketball. He had
come to Israel with his family
where they began a Messianic
outreach to both Jews and Arabs. On the feast of Purim it is
traditional to give or leave treat
filled parcels for youngsters in
celebration of the defeat of the
evil Biblical Hayman. One was
left for the Ortiz family and
Ami was eager to open it and
to discover what delicious and
delightful surprises hid inside.
Eagerly tearing away the wrappings he did not expect the
massive bomb that exploded in
his very hands. The impact was
so strong and severe that the
thick wooden table that the
package had rested on now
had a large hole all the way
through it. Pieces of metal
were later found imbedded in

the wall of the room. Ami miraculously
survived. Christians were praying worldwide. His major chest organs and nerves
were severed. The physician told his parents “There is no medical explanation for
his recovery. We can only say that it is a
miracle.” Reports have been broadcast
worldwide on all of the top international
media outlets. After the event many people across the nation of Israel were asking the question “What is a Messianic
Jew?”. One of the most amazing parts
of the story is that Ami was able to forgive the person who committed this deplorable act. The perpetrator has now
been found. He was an American Orthodox Jew who moved to Israel. He had
bombed a number of people, many just
to scare off of their mission in life. How-