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Dear Partner & Friend,
Can you believe that it is now the
year 2010? It seems like just yesterday that we welcomed the new millennium. That is how fast 10 years
goes by. It should keep us mindful
that our years here pass so quickly.
“Whatever is done for Christ will
last” the famous line says. One criticism / comment that is made about
our ministry is “You do too much”.
I can’t imagine Jesus saying “Well
done thou good and slothful servant.” Most of the Christian leaders
that we interview will definitely
“burn out” before they would ever
“rust out”. Just think of all of the
men and women of the Bible that
are highlighted, They attempted
great things for God and He blessed
it. Yet it is not just the doing of it
that God is interested in. It needs to
be done with faith, hope and love.
There are many great acts that are
done by love alone. Yet without
faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please
God. There are also acts that are
done in faith with no love. Yet, love
is the more excellent way. It’s quite
a balance and quite a juggle. Yet,

isn’t that what the Christian life is
– a great balance between reaching our “Jerusalem” and our
“uttermost part”, balancing priorities, thoughts and intentions. We
must not leave out one without
including the other. Along the
same lines our ministry, since its
inception, was known for its Bible
emphasis an teaching. Over the
past few years we’ve, for the most
part, done that through our films
and TV programmes. Starting in
2010 we will be adding powerful
Bible teaching and make them
available on CDs, DVDs, mp3s,
mp4s, TV and radio - and in other

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Yours for the harvest!
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4. True Stories of Dutch Courage: Corrie ten Boom &
Brother Andrew
5. Beijing: City of 1,000 Stories
6. Principles of Leadership: George Verwer (in Russian)
7. Principles of Leadership: David Sullivan
8. Principles of Leadership: Mike Pilavachi
9. Jerusalem Syndrome
10. CHINA: Reflections from Heaven
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Executive Director of ICEJ
The above is a quote from Malcolm Hedding about the “Promised Land”.
To hear some news
and even Christian reports Israel - the
people and the land - are
both a thing of the
past. Yet what Malcolm
shared with us in
our interview with him
for our “Principles
of Leadership” TV series is that God is a
God of His Covenants.
Therefore, if God
has promised this precious land to this
precious people then He
is a God that can be
trusted. If God is reneging on His promises
then we cannot trust Him
to fulfil His Word about our precious salvation through Jesus Christ. A
covenant is a covenant! How can people of God get rid of this promise?
It is by creating replacement theology. Israel - the land and the people are
a modern day miracle. Imagine, if you would, a land the size of Wales or
New Jersey where people from all the world over seek to come and visit
or live. And - it’s not just
Jews. Standing at a spot in
Nazareth or Tel Aviv
you’re as likely to hear
Russian or German as
you are as to hear Hebrew
or Arabic. Imagine, if
you would again, that
Texas and California
and Alaska say to New
Jersey, “We don’t
want to take our historically associated
Californians or Texans
we want New Jersey
to assimilate millions of
ex-citizens who want
to merely live in New
Jersey and call it theirs. It seems like a ridiculous picture. Yet time and
time again huge countries such as Egypt and Syria and other similar
countries demand that Israel not just assimilate but give over this tiny dot
on the map called Israel. If the common everyday Israeli citizen did not,
even in their secular thinking, believe that Israel is a blessed land with a


glorious future then they would flee to be anywhere in the world but in the
land of Israel.
Another ridiculous
stance that the world and,
sometimes, the
Church has taken is that the
newly united Jerusalem should be carved up like
some sort of a 21st
century Berlin. Here are major superpowers who
are frantically at work attempting to bring
unity to North and South Korea, China and Taiwan, stating that they will
not recognise the Divinely and historically ordained capitol of
Jerusalem as the heart of Israel. The modern
seaside city of Tel Aviv
stands as the
capitol of a nation that
has legally declared Jerusalem as the
city of The
Knesset. Imagine,
again, Germany suddenly uniting
with the world to force America to recognise Detroit as the capitol of
America. All foreign embassies would build their diplomatic centres there
and demand that America carve up Washington D. C. Not picking on the
U. S. of A. But, tracing back in time, using some of this same logic, means
that the world has quite a legal case to ask that the country be vacated and
handed back over to the American Indian Tribes that it originally belonged
to. “The Land that God Remembers”, however, has a more clear cut reason
that it is “The Land of Promise”. It started with Abraham and will end with
the reign of The Messiah in Jerusalem. What a blessed land!

: With Brother Yun “The Heavenly Man”
Interviewing Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Dr. Billy Graham
: Interviewing General Sir Richard Dannatt at the MOD
Interviewing Lisa Bevere
Being intervuiwed on premier.tv
: In Jerusalem filming
With friend George Verwer on the bridge of the new Logos Hope
With Dr. R T Kendall - our first programme with a full audience.
With Malcolm Hedding at ICEJ Jerusalem
Filming with Pastor Kong Hee in Sweden
Filming with singer / songwriter Tim Hughes

Listen to Malcolm Hedding’s response to this vital question in a clip from
our interview with him from “Principles of Leadership: Malcolm Hedding” on youtube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5ebBjBUiUc

The Church of tomorrow - Chinese children in Beijing
With Soul Survivor’s Founder Mike Pilavachi



January 18
- Helen Shapiro
for “Principles of Praise TV & “people of the Book” film
- Mickey Rooney for
“Stars in His Crown” TV
- Graham Cole for
“Stars in His Crown” TV

Filming in “closed country”

Christian Musicians Conference (U. K.)
Broadcasting Conference - London
- Alan Maitlock for
“Principles of Leadership” TV
Also filming for our other TV series throughout the months

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