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Dear Prayer Partner & Friend,
This week I was invited to the House of
Lords at the Houses of Parliament for a
discussion of persecution of Believers
worldwide. Chaired by Baroness Caroline Cox and with input from Lord
George Carey (both of whom were
guests on our “Principles of Leadership”
TV series) it was a very eye opening time.
Currently it is estimated that over 250
million Christian are being persecuted
worldwide. That does not include what,
in the West, can be called the
“marginilisation” of Believers. This can
take the form of men and women losing
their jobs for offering to pray for a distressed medical patient or student or
merely wearing a small cross. One man
we heard from, a longtime professional,
was fired for refusing to teach two men
how to improve their sex together. Could
Sodom and Gomorrah been worse than
what is going on today with the sanction
and encouragement or courts and governmental agencies? I think not!

One thing which everyone was in agreement
about and that is that Christians are taking
this all “lying down” while other groups are
actively promoting their own beliefs and
“values” (I put this in quotes as my understanding of the word “value” is something
that one stands bravely for and not just some
act which I merely follow because of my own
How did governments in the world begin to
persecute Believers?
If the West is
judged on anything it is this - it stands by as
Christians die and are persecuted daily and
merely gasps when its own rights of freedom
are gently eased from its own foundation.
Finally, a memorable statement that came
out of this meeting was from Lord Carey
who said “We can’t defend our faith and
The Bible if we don’t know it very well

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I don’t think that I have ever
visited a busier film studio in
all of my life. In the space of
an afternoon I was on the set
of 9 different productions.
From a “gangster” film to a
Japanese war story every
corner I turned was filled
with extensive casts and
crews. If Bollywood was the
then this decade, I believe,
will belong to the Chinese
filmmakers. They’ve got the
financing, the studios (the
largest in Asia), the actors
and actresses, the history
and the desire to be a world
leader – in everything.
Over 100 years ago missionaries used to dress in Chinese
Chinese “pigtails” in order to
reach the hearts of the Chinese people. Today the
“garb” of China is
It is TV and films that capture the hearts and imaginations of the people of this
vast nations. That is why the
government spends billions
of dollars each year to influence and impact the hearts
and minds of its people.
Large conglomerates are also

doing the same things. You can’t watch popular
Chinese TV for 5 minutes without seeing some soap,
shampoo, book, CD or food being used as bait to
“change the life” of every man, woman and child in the
country. Not that long ago HFC International and our
media arm, OLI Productions, was asked to provide a
large percentage of the media materials to train up the
next generation of Chinese church leadership. Those
programmes are now being completed and will, in a
short time, be distributed to as many of the 1.3 billion
people as possible. Although some ministries have a
handful of films to offer we have been able to tap into
our resource of almost 100 films to feed the hungry
hearts of the Chinese church.
In order to understand the Church in China is is
necessary to delve deep into the history, the mind set,
the doubts and fears that face 21st century Believers
in a country that has, very quickly, come to the forefront of the world’s “stage”. It is, definitely, a country
like no other.


The story of the Christian church in China is the story of a continuous cycle of
open doors followed by closed doors for
the opportunity for outsiders to help to
reach this nation. That is why evangelism,
discipleship and leadership training must
go hand in hand with everything that is
being done for China.
Brother Yun, author of the best selling
book “The Heavenly Man” shared with
us how his mother became a Believer
under Western missionaries. When they
had to leave their work was only partially
completed. His mother then attempted to
share with this young boy how a number
of things were necessary to grow in the
Christian life. 1) You needed to receive
the “Holy Dragon” (in Chinese terminology this would be like saying you needed
to receive the Holy Devil. 2) You needed
to go to the “soya fields”. (A mis-hearing
of another word) 3) You needed to look
for Mary (another mis-hearing of the
word “Samaria”). That is when he realised that Brother Yun needed to pray for
a Bible so that he could discern for himself how to grow in the Christian life. He
then memorised the book of Matthew
and preached just that wherever he went.
That story is fairly typical. Today there is
even a strong cult that has a female Messiah - here to do the work that “Jesus
failed to do”. Many “strong” Christians
have fallen for this teaching.
Brother Andrew, author of the best-selling book “God’s Smuggler” and founder

Principles TV

We welcome Don Botham
who is the newest member of
the “team”. Below is his exciting testimony and a short
description of what he has
been busy with over the years.

of the ministry “Open Doors” has told us
that the greatest need in China today is
definitely teaching. Without it the church
there cannot grow properly.
Today in the 21st century we have the greatest moment, almost in all of Chinese history,
to reach the 1.3 billion + people there and
the approximately 100 million Christians
living there. As a ministry we have dedicated
a large amount of our time and resources to
reach every level of society there - from
politics to media to the fine arts to the man,
woman and child in the streets - literally.
Many testimonies and exciting stories we
cannot share, due to security. However,
through our, thus far, five films about China
we are attempting to share with “the West”
the remarkable story of a land that is, literally, white unto harvest for God’s Kingdom.
This is not a political solution or a financial
solution. It is the coming to pass of what the
Scriptures have prophesied.


Prior to coming to faith Don was in the
Public House & restaurant management
business. He promoted charity & fund raising events & managed pop groups & artists.
During this period he also held art exhibitions selling his work to the public.
On leaving the pub management business he
formed the company Donian Leisure to seek
out opportunities in the leisure industry. He
carried out research development work with
BBC & ITV television companies to identify
the best methods of marketing squash as a
national TV sport.
Later that year & after raising finance & the
bringing together of corporate organizations
to implement the leisure club project Don
was converted/born-again into the Christian
faith, & resigned from the board.
The following 4 years he attended Liverpool
Bible College & was involved in his local
church as Youth Leader & Evangelist.
In 1997 he was invited to become Chairman
of Bridge FM application bid for a commercial radio license for the whole of the NorthWest of England. the bid was unsuccessful.

Don then approached God TV to provide them with a radio station to complement the existing television service. A
studio was constructed but again a license was not granted, not dismayed it
was decided to use the radio studio as a
compact TV studio & the popular
‘Dream on TV’ was birthed. After working initially on the Dream TV programme Don was responsible as Series
Producer for the flagship award winning
series ‘In Depth’ & the ‘Clan Gathering’
conferences. During the last 12 months
Don has produced the ‘Politics Programme’ for Genesis & Revelation TV;
he has also managed the media department for the ‘The Christian Party.’
When asked to give his main calling &
objective he replayed : To promote the
Gospel through the media with thought
provoking, informative, creative & entertaining programmes for both Christians & non-Christians.
Don is married with one wife & two
daughters & attends an evangelical
church in Surrey, England.







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