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Dear Prayer Partner & Friend,
I decided to go into our archives to take
out the picture above taken almost 3
years ago while attending my first CEVMA conference in Switzerland. With me
is Danish film set designer Sven Wichmann. We are posing for a photo being
taken by my CEVMA roommate Mario
from the network SAT 7 across the Middle East. It was Leigh Rautenbach, a
South African and wife of Frank, star of
the film “Faith Like Potatoes”, that took
this interesting photograph. All 4 of us
are all working for our Lord and Saviour
in the area of media yet in different corners of the globe. For a few days we
encouraged each other in what we are
doing and shared some of our tips. Each
year I meet new friends and co-workers
who might be discouraged due to finances, workload, spiritual attack, family
problems or something else. We share
God’s Word and share testimonies as
well as humorous stories of something
unexpected happening to us.

Ministers worldwide, I find, need encouragement. I know I do. It doesn’t take much
but it means the world to someone going
through something at the moment.
Having spent quite a bit of time with two of
Christianity’s leading sociologists this
month maybe I’m looking a bit inward and
outward. These two men, however, are also
looking at cultures and mind frames.
They’re examining trends and intents. What
they shared about their vision of the Body of
Christ in our “Principles of Leadership”
interview gave a lot to think on and meditate
on. Next month we actually film the 52nd
and final programme in our POL series, just
before we begin the new look “Precepts of
“household” names in Christian leadership
today. What an opportunity God has given
us to “stand on the shoulders of giants.”

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Yours for the harvest!
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According to Wikipedia, the
online encyclopaedia, sociology is defined as “the study
of society”. Through this area of study society is investigated and analysed and a
body of information from
this is presented. In our current confusing society it
seems so appropriate that,
towards the end of our filming of the “Principles of
Leadership” TV / DVD series we meet up with two of
the best know sociologists in
Christianity today. These
two man are as different as
they are alike.
has a name that
is almost synonymous with
one of society’s ills. There
are probably more people
raising a glass with the name
“Guinness” on it than almost
any other name. Being the
great, great, great grandson
of the brewery giant, Arthur
Guinness, Os (names after
Oswald Chambers) understands what it is like growing
up “almost” famous. Born in
China of medical missionary
parents Os ended up studying at Oxford University.
, on the other
hand, grew up in a poor immigrant family, both his

parents being Italian and Roman Catholic. It was
through the kindly and charitable nuns that Tony
found faith in Jesus Christ.
Both men live and work, mostly, in America. They
both have written a number of Christian best selling
books which have both prodded and influenced at
least two generations of Christian thinkers. They also
both have set about to “salvage” and reinvent the word
“evangelical”, wrestling it away from its political
meaning, at least in the U. S.
Os, with his posh British accent brings a respectability
to almost any meeting that he is contributing to. Tony,
with his down earth and humorous take on things,
gets us to laugh at ourselves than to change ourselves.
At one huge meeting in Europe he stated “There are
tens of thousands of young people who die daily
because they have no food and no one gives a ****.”
After the bolt of shock rattled the comfortable Christian audience he then said “And it bothers you more
that I said **** than they these young people have
died.” In another story Tony tells how, jet lagged and


hungry he entered a “greasy spoon” to
get a bite to eat. There he heard a prostitute telling her friends that her birthday
was the next day and she had never had a
party. Tony hired out the diner the next
night and threw a surprise birthday party
for the overwhelmed woman. The manager said “You can’t be a preacher because I would go to a church like that.”
One of the most interesting thoughts /
observations that Os shares is that it is
wrong for so many Christians to want to
get to Washington. “Washington and
politics is downstream” he shares in our
interview. “The influencers are both Hollywood and the universities.” Together
with theologians and others he drafted a
manifesto of evangelicalism. As with any
such document there was controversy
and even death threats. Os doesn’t decide
on his speaking engagements from
around the world according to whether
or not it is large enough or if he is free
that day. He feels that God gives him
particular subjects for any 1-3 year period. If the topic at the conference or meeting is within that area he will accept it.
We caught up with the 75 year old Tony
moments before a 5 hour video filming
for a series of Bible teachings and the day
before his week stint at the U. K. ‘S
popular Christian Conference Spring
Harvest. He shows no signs of slowing
down. Fairly recently he was again branded a heretic because of his belief that
homosexuals should be treated with the
love of Christ rather than condemnation.
He states that there is disagreement in the

Body of Christ regarding various facets of
this issue. In fact, he and his wife not only
disagree on some key thoughts but also,
publicly, debate each other.
Os Guinness agrees with one of the most
well known atheists Bertrand Russell who
said that “Christians would rather die than
think.” Os unashamedly says “I am a Christian, an evangelical and a thinker.” He
states that he believes that there are 3 guide
wires that have been lost in Christianity:
integrity, credibility and civility.
One website says of Tony Campolo “some
call his a prophet, others call his a
heretic.”Many do not even realise that Tony
has studied to a high degree, even study
under Albert Einstein, himself. One man
squared off with Tony by saying “I know
this for sure the (America’s) enemy is bin
Laden.” Tony’s response? “I’m not so sure
about that. When you start taking away the
rights of the American citizens, when you
undercut the Bill of Rights in order to pursue security, I think you become more dangerous than bin Laden. I think that if this
country goes down, it will not be because of
the enemies that are outside this country. I
think that if this country goes down, it’s
because those within the country undercut
our basic rights, undercut the principles that
gave birth to this institution.”
Both Os Guinness and Tony Campolo pack
so many thought provoking and spirit stirring moments into an interview that it will
take years to re-research it all!


One of the visions that our
Series Producer Don Botham
has is to develop more tools /
TV series that will be utilised
by both Christian and nonChristian business men and
women. We have been in production with the
“Principles of Leadership” spin off series
“Principles of Business”. However, after
much discussion and planning we have now
started filming another investigative and informative series for business people called “A
Voice in the Marketplace”. As John the Baptist was a voice in the wilderness in this day
and age we need a voice in the marketplace.
This voice is not just a voice of commerce
and principles but of understanding the “path
less travelled” that some entrepreneurs and
leaders have taken. Our first guest in the
series, Gavin Cargill, heads up a group called
“Value the Person”. They help develop potential and purpose within individuals, meeting one-on-one and offering a series of tests
to see where the person is coming from and
where they should be. On top of this Gavin
and his organisation also have been developing a source of income for a group in Rwanda. In a total of two programmes Gavin
shares what actually went on in that land
where millions were slaughtered in a short
amount of time. The miracle is that today he
has helped to develop a fragrance that comes
from one of the beautiful flowers there. This

is such an encouraging story to hear.
Based in Edinburgh, Scotland Gavin
showed us some living parables. Stepping inside of a couple of huge extravagant bank building he pointed out the
bar and tables that now fill so many of
these ornate pervious locations of commerce. The huge banks have now become restaurants, bars and cafes. It
makes you wonder whether such a fate
awaits our own High Street banks.
Gavin’s insight into spiritual and business principles and patterns and how to
motivate and encourage workers and
leaders is a great blessing to the Body of
Christ. Walking through downtown Edinburgh after the filming he shared with
us the spiritual side of this great city from the house of John Knox to the
memorial to missionary and explorer
David Livingstone. Mary Queen of
Scots said of Knox “I feel the prayers of
John Knox more than all the assembled
armies of Europe.”





Global Missions Consult – Tokyo
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– Israel Houghton
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Filming Eastern Europe

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“The most beautiful of all the capitals of Europe.”

“Who indeed that has once seen Edinburgh,
but must see it again in dreams waking or

“There is no habitation of
human beings in this world
so fine in its way….as this,
the capital of Scotland.”