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Dear Prayer Partner & Friend,
Each time we open up a new field, especially if it is in a distant land, there is a
sense of anticipation and awe mixed with
a bit of trepidation. We have contacts,
appointments, meetings, presentations,
filming schedules and interviews. However, nothing seems to prepare a person
for the onslaught of a new culture and
way of thinking and doing business.
Then there’s the food! In the middle of all
of this the Holy Spirit knits us together
with “new” Brothers and Sisters that we
didn’t even know existed. We have fellowship in Christian churches that we
have not even noticed their particular
“wrapper”. Then there’s the grief that
you feel when you see a lost and dying
world so taken up with religious rituals,
idolatry and materialism. That’s when I
try to bathe that city and nation in prayer.
I always take the Scripture that says
“Every place on which you set your foot
I have given you” (Joshua 1:3) and use
that as a promise from God when I walk

through these cities worldwide praying. In
the photo above is a temple with hundreds
of wooden placards with prayers, thoughts
and desires sent to – Buddha or anyone. It
is so sad to see that most Christian churches
have replaced evangelistic mission with a
copy of what the world does better and more
Japan was a real eye opener because it has the freedoms that China does
not and yet it has small churches and few
Believers. Just across the water in China the
churches are full and new Believers coming
to Christ – estimated to be at the rate of
almost 28,000 each day. One dear Christian
warrior came to me one day and said “We
must pray that this persecution stops in that
nation.” My response? I said “They are
praying that persecution begins in the West
so that the church here can begin to grow!”

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Yours for the harvest!
All materials and graphics © 2010

P. O. Box 740
Hemel Hempstead, Herts. HP1 3RH England
David Sullivan A U.K. Registered Charity

In post-production at the moment
is our fascinating film


It was one of the first days at
the Global Mission Consultation in Tokyo this May that
an elderly Japanese Pastor
stood before the thousands
gathered from the four corners of the globe. He apologised to each nation that had
been affected by Japanese
atrocities during the War.
Without any planning or
prompting a group of Americans involved in missions
came to the platform to apologise to Japan, on behalf of
their country, for the terrible
things done to the people of
Japan, sometimes in the
name of Jesus Christ. A tearful time of embracing each
other followed. That is how
the promo for our film
“TOKYO: Translating God
to the lost” begins. It is such
a visual presentation of the
words of Jesus that “By this
shall all men know that you
are my disciples that you
have love one for another.”
This is just one of the ways
that Christians in Japan are
“translating” God to the lost
of that land. Filming in the
massive Ueno Park we stumbled on a sea of people seated patiently on the ground.
Nearby was a number of

tables and the sign “Second Harvest”. Started by a
Christian church this “soup kitchen” feeds the poor
and hungry of Tokyo with items that would normally
be discarded. Another church reaches out to the men,
women and children coming from various parts of
Asia to find new hope and better living conditions.
The Japanese (and many in the West I have discovered) are MAD about manga, a form of comic. From
news to pornography there is, literally, manga everything. One Christian ministry is in the process of
“translating” The Bible into manga. Starting with
“The Manga Messiah” they have now translated that
portion into over 16 languages! While wearing my
“Manga Messiah” t shirt I’ve been stopped by people
who want to know how they can share this unique
Gospel presentation to their grandson or nephew or
daughter. Once we started filming “Translating God
to the lost” we came upon dozens and dozens of
examples of how God is using men and women and
children across Tokyo and Japan to bring The Good
News to a lost and dying world.


Japan is in a unique position in
history. While China is a poor
country that has suddenly become
wealthy, Japan is a wealthy country that has suddenly found itself
poor. The Chinese labour force
has undercut Japanese prices. For
almost every Japanese technology
item there is a cheaper Chinese
alternative. Many Japanese families are attempting to keep up the
same level of living that they had
10-15 years ago but with less
money to live on. The once gleaming infrastructure is starting to
show signs of wear. Although
newer buildings and complexes
are being built it is nowhere the
pace as it is in Beijing and Shanghai where cranes are not just seen
in paintings but on almost every
street corner. This gives unique
challenges to the small number of
Christians in Japan to be able to
share bot spiritually and physically
from God’s abundant blessings.
In Tokyo wherever there is a large
Buddhist temple there is also a
thriving “industry” built around it.
From rickshaw rides to business
“blessings” the temple uniform is

very much in evidence. On the temple grounds a major carnival is taking place with hundreds of food stalls
and children’s activities. Shake out a
“chopstick” with a number on in (for
100 Yen). Go to that numbered
drawer and get your fortune. Don’t
like what it says? Pay another
amount and you can crumple it up
on a pole to erase what “the gods”
have declared will happen to you.
Challenges and opening abound everywhere here to share of The God
that is a God of mercy and grace. He
is one that one can come boldly into
His presence through the blood of
Jesus Christ. It baffles the Japanese
mind that a spiritual life can be so
“easy”. Even the demands of giving
“my all” is far superior to the “don’t
know” and “hope so” of so many
Oriental religions.
The most well known Western movie
about Tokyo is “Lost in Translation”. This story tells the utter despair and loneliness of being a tourist
in such an unusual city. We are those
tourists in a land called “Earth”. Our
purpose is to share our “land” and
the message from its “King”.



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