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Poor childs from HAITI¡¡¡¡

Poor childs from HAITI¡¡¡¡

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Published by Simon Rodriguez

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Published by: Simon Rodriguez on Jan 23, 2010
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Poor childrens of Haiti¡¡¡ In this horrible case I am only recomending ,watch at web after "hurry" and outlaws declarations

, from Mrs Clinton "traying" to explain an "paradise world" for 400 childs "taked" from disaster in social an human confusion belongs from that calamity¡¡saying their are orphans but dont lookingan giving time, for other relatives¡¡ (and if the empire says is 400 hs I means is now, yet 10.000¡¡ be sure¡¡)(Unicef and others institutions says all this north-american busssness is ilegal¡¡)repeat look at web (of course you knows where Mr Clinton in a sadist act wet his habanos into...of ML...well if you remind and looks at web case"The Franklin Cover Up" the full story of Washington DC Pèdhofiles in action¡¡you will advice and taste may be the true future of that childrens¡¡¡anyn ways there are an other adresses in spanish,for any person intersting in practices this idiom¡¡(www.falsa realidad.com) ,links with you tube videos subtitles in spanish¡¡ please says someting to the others¡¡¡help,something to the future of those childres from disgrace situation¡¡

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