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WHAT NATURE DOES FOR BRITAIN “TONY JUNIPER, PROFILE BOOKS, £9.99 isan g7e 1761253281 © Veteran environmental ‘campaigner Tony Juniper applies the formula of his prior book What Has Nature Ever Done For Us to hownature can help Britain. Galvanised by flooding, the author guides us (courtesy of various Wide Trusts) around theland to produce ‘manifestos for ‘poiticians to adopt”. ‘There's awelome focus on agriculture within the book: understandable as 75% of the countryside is farmed. The author dwells on nutrients, sol loss, fertiliser usage, polinators' roles and EU regulation. He dissects fishingpoioy and tramps through ancient forests seeking “highland tigers" (Scottish wideat) After returning, to boggy uplands, he muses on exposed peat sols evaporatinginto thin air before concluding that producinglocal biomass forhis wood burneris “not complicated” However, much of what Juniper exploresin this forward-thinking bookis complicated. His push to increase food self-sufficiency while noreasing wildlife habitat and woodland lacks input from more farmers or foresters on the ground. In seeking ambitious Feelgood messages, he ducks somerealistic tough choices, suchas delvinginto the impact of our population's consumption. He extols ‘without end’ supplies of renewable energy, with offshore wind the clear winner. Thisisa great read for those with only a vagueidea of what nature cando for us. ‘Accordingto Natural England, only 35% cofusare concerned about damage tothe environment. Perhaps better connection to wasteful food and fuel usemight help us see what nature already does for us. Rob Yorke rural commentator, @blackgull ‘www-countryfilecom