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EES CHALLENGING MEDIA BIAS AND GROUPTHINK nthe spac of afo night recently, 3 din thi ishing hard for pre! pettod, onty che! prociife article! Was published. now ex norm he media exclusively on stories case for m etty much everything that shows abortion 1 a bad light. The examples presented here ighlight different facets of the problem and provide a glimpse al eriousness of the situatior Yl 3 What is taking place at present is 2 ging this won 0, It was 0 expose media bias. Soc | that. We have to opportunities to spotlight on media h to take the me: join with us and play your part. Publ in ireland is broken. It has to be fixed. Having feature of a functioning democracy PAGE 2 PUBLIC PAGE 3 FOR MANY JOURNALISTS, PROTECTING ABORTION TRUMPS PROTECTING WOMEN’S LIVES. Savita Case shamefully misused The tragic death of Savita Halappanavar was misused, massively and continuously by journal- ists who were more concerned with getting abortion legislation over the line than accurate reporting? Those who drove the distorted version of the story hardest from the start were happy to hardwire a false account of what happened into people's minds and made no effort to clarify things for the public after the official investiga- tions conclusively showed the real cause of the tragedy in Galway was mismanaged sepsis, not the non-availability of abortion in Ireland at the time. | Marie Stopes scandal buried When the abortion legislation was going through the Dail in July 2013, news emerged that a woman from Ireland bled to death in the back of @ London taxi immediately after an abortion at a Marie Stopes clinic in Ealing, London Apart from a few media reports the day the story broke, it was buried without a trace. No Prime Time investigations. No hard questions for the abortion lobby. Journalists always claim that they are concerned about women's lives and health but as cases like this show, for many Irish Journalists, protecting abortion trumps protecting women’s lives. PAGE 4