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Southern Supplies

Energy Savings Case Study

In the winter of 2010-11, Walter Libby Jr., co-owner of Southern

Supplies in Oshawa, Ontario, was pleasantly surprised by his
monthly heating bills. They were much lower than expected,
thanks to an ecoair Rotation System running in his warehouse.

Southern Supplies Knows HVACR

Southern Supplies Limited is a wholesale







to get his opinion of its performance.

members have been at the company for 20+

years, so theyre uniquely qualified to give
knowledgeable advice.

Customers clearly appreciate what Southern

Supply has to offer, because many of them have
accounts going right back to the very beginning,
when Walters father founded the company in
1956. After 55 years in business, its safe to say
that Southern Supplies knows a thing or two
about HVACRand customer service!

Naturally, when Walter decided to try one of

our units in his main warehouse, we were eager


equipment and supplies. On average, staff

Heating Challenge

We have about 18,000 square

feetsuspended unit heaters
(natural gas). Its a great big
warehouse with a bit of light
manufacturing inside.
Walter Libby Jr., Co-Owner
Southern Supplies distribution centre is a
typical industrial building, constructed with
steel framing on a cinder block base. The facility

Energy Savings

is about 40 years old and has marginal

insulation. Its heated by five 125,000 Btu

natural gas heaters, for a total heating capacity

told us, When I did my first spreadsheet on

According to Walter, In the winter, the


heaters would be firing on and off all the



Obviously, those heaters were burning a lot of

The heat stayed near the

ceiling. We have an upper
mezzanine and it was always
warmer than down below. Its
common sense to ask, Can we
bring this heat down?



I expected



Of course, anyone who spends a million dollars

that really counts.

When Walter calculated how long it would take

him to recoup his initial investment and start
saving money, the result was impressive.

The payback period for me was six

months, related Walter. In other words, the
ecoair Rotation System paid for itself in a single

Walter Libby Jr., Co-Owner

As it turns out, you can. All you need is an

ecoair Rotation System and a 120V electrical

Southern Supplies achieved a

outlet to plug it into.

30% energy savings

and earned 100% ROI in

The ecoair Difference

Walter switched on the new unit and waited to
see what would happen. He didnt wait long.


to save a thousand is no further ahead. Its ROI


savings, if that. Id say I got around 30%.

fuel, but to what end?

Not only was the warehouse more comfortable,

but heating costs came down as well. Walter

of 625,000 Btu.

Energy Savings

We could feel the difference.

Normally in the winter, guys
would be wearing sweaters or
heavier shirts. They were down
to T-shirts. It was comfortable.
Walter Libby Jr., Co-Owner

only six months!

Comparing Apples to Oranges

If you assume that outdoor temperatures were
identical during the baseline and trial time
periods, then achieving a 30% energy savings is
remarkable enough. However, the two winter
seasons that Walter used for his energy
consumption comparison were actually very

Case Study: Southern Supplies

Energy Savings

As Walter pointed out, I heard that, in 2010,

According to Canadas National Climate Data

the winter was colder than in 2009. My

and Information Archive, the 2010-11 winter

costs went down and it was colder

season was markedly colder than the previous


year in the Greater Toronto Area.

Of course, this piqued our curiosity, so we did

some research to confirm Walters observation.

(For details, see the Mean Temperature

Comparison table below.)

Table: Mean Temperature Comparison


Mean Temperature (C)

Baseline Season

Trial Season





- 1.5


- 2.4

- 3.8

- 1.4


- 5.2

- 7.0

- 1.8


- 3.4

- 5.4

- 2.0



- 0.5

- 4.9




- 3.6

Source: Canadas National Climate Data and Information Archive. Data recorded by
weather station at Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Ontario.

An amazing 30%

cut in

heating costs compared

colder winter!

Who says you cant compare apples to oranges?

Case Study: Southern Supplies

Saving energy wasnt the only benefit that

Southern Supplies discovered after trying an

to the previous yearand

during a

Air Quality

ecoair Rotation System for several months.

As a product distributor, Southern Supplies

routinely handles a lot of cardboard and other

Energy Savings

packaging materials that create dust in the


After we put the unit inwith

this filtration system, the filters
were just covered in dust We
didnt think it was that bad, but
it piles up.

the comfortable temperature in the warehouse

ecoair Rotation System, here was his response:

but theyre also breathing cleaner air now.

Rotation Systems. We certainly appreciate this


solid vote of confidence from an industry expert

Walter remarked on a number of standard

whos seen it all!

operation of the unit, and its portability.

He reported that maintenance was minimal,

patented technology can now help Southern

requiring only 1520 minutes every month to

Supplies customers achieve equally substantial

service the filters.

energy savings.

Ecoairs convenient plug-and-play approach was

installation a veritable no-brainer.

Walters company saved 30% on heating bills

with an ecoair Rotation System. Hopefully, our

especially appealing to him because it made

For us, what really drives home Walters

Southern Supplies a distributor of ecoair

ecoair features, such as the smooth, quiet

I highly recommend it. Its

done what I wanted: fuel
savings. Its improved the air
quality...and raised the comfort
positive feedback is his decision to make

When we asked Walter what hed say to other

business owners who were considering an

Walter Libby Jr., Co-Owner

Folks at Southern Supplies are not only enjoying

Deeds Speak

industrial facility

He also noted the Rotation Systems economical

electricity consumption.

If you want to learn more about how we can

reduce the daily cost of heating or cooling your

Its a 120V system. Its like

plugging in a radio.
Walter Libby Jr., Co-Owner

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Case Study: Southern Supplies