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I am placed in an Autistic classroom at Mercer High School. In the class there are two
assistants, one one-on-one aide, and one special education teacher. The staff in the classroom are
very nice, welcoming, and helpful. Mrs. Barrie, the special education teacher, is especially
helpful in explaining everything she does and her reasoning behind it which is nice for me to
learn everything I can. There are seven students in the class, five boys and two girls. The ages
of the students in the class vary from eighteen years to twenty one years of age and the students
are at a second or fourth grade academic level with one student being on a kindergarten level.
All of the students are nice, respectful, and eager to learn. One of the students uses assistive
technology as her means of communication. Most of the students leave the class at some point
for speech, physical, or occupational therapy and for three periods throughout the day a speech
therapist is in the classroom working with particular students during the lesson. The day is
broken down into eight periods, including lunch, where lessons are taught in group settings, the
only exception is some English lessons where the class then breaks down into two smaller
groups of three students and four students.
Standards: Common Core Standards Literacy:
4. a Identify new meanings for familiar words and apply them accurately (Knowing duck is a
bird and the not the verb to duck).
Second Grade:
4. a Use a sentence-level contest as a clue to the meaning of a word or phrase
Fourth Grade:
4. a Use context (e.g., definitions, examples, or restatements in text) as a clue to the meaning
of a word or phrase.


Model worksheet for board
Snack shop poster and snacks
Definition worksheet
Budget plan worksheet

1. Students will be able to identify the meaning of money math vocabulary words: Budget,
save and spend.
2. Students will be able to perform an addition problem to find the total cost of items they
are buying.

3. Students will be able to perform a subtraction problem to find the balance of money they
have left after their purchase.
Activity/ Procedure:
1. First I will talk about the definitions of the vocabulary words: budget, spend and save by
using pictures to get students to tell me the definition if they know it. After talking about
the words for a minute or two I will write the definition I want the students to use on the
board for the students to copy onto the worksheet.
2. Next I will have one of the assistance help in modeling the budget plan for the students to
see what they are expected to do.
3. Then the students will each be given one dollar and will be asked to complete the budget
plan worksheet that was just modeled for them. When they get to a certain point of the
worksheet they will then go to the store and buy the items that they wish from the
snack shop and then go back to their set and complete the last part of the worksheet.
1. The students will be assessed on the ability to identify the meaning of the money math
vocabulary words after we have gone over the definitions together.
2. Students will be assessed on the ability to perform addition and subtraction to find the
total costs and the balance of money they have left.

I have $__.__ __
I will spend my money on:

$___.___ ___


$___.___ ___

Total Cost

$___.___ ___

I have
Total Costs

$___.___ ___
- $___.___ ___

Balance of money

$___.___ ___

I have left

I have spent $___.___ ___.

I have a balance of $___.___ ___ left.
I will _______ the money I have left!