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Taviawk Homeowners Association

February 26, 2015 5:00 p.m.
Santa Clara Library

-AGENDAI. Call to Order and Welcome: Don Miller, President

II. Introductions and Roll Call of Membership: MikL Behunin, F1 Property
III. Approval of 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes: Jeff Hartman, Secretary
IV. Financial Report: MikL Behunin, F1 Property Management
a. 2014 Report
b. 2015 Proposed Budget
V. Board of Directors Reports
a. Presidents Report: Don Miller
b. Infrastructure Report: Jim Keeley
c. Neighborhood Watch: Linda Davis
VI. Committee Reports
a. Architectural Control Committee: Wendy Bradley
b. Social Committee: Rita Hartman
VII. Election for Open Board Positions: MikL Behunin, F1 Property
a. Three Directors for Three Year Terms
i. Introduction of Nominees:
Ralph Buchan, Nathan Dupre, Chris Limpert,
Deanna Morales
ii. Nominations from the Floor
iii. Vote
VIII. Report of the Developer
IX. Questions and Comments from the Floor
X. Adjournment by 6:45 p.m.