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MaAkIA IRENE FORNES PLAYS Mud The Danube The Conduct of Life Sarita Preface by Susan Sontag Mud 4 play in 17 scenes Maria Irene Fornes 1d Jolin OKete the New City, 162 version was presented at the T 1853 Iwas dete by ‘New York Gy, on November Mac: A spisted young woman, Shei sagle-miaded end determined, « ‘atural sense of git, « philosophical mind, He can barely sea He smite Mads The et a wooden room which ison an earth prom ‘montoy fie fet hgh ond toed has the color and fr tage there ts an empty box the same ie 2 the box te ith The following props are carried by the actors an they enter pes orm the coe, Moc: 2 bundles of clothes and tote clean owt 3 cia preserption note a eup. lenry Upc wrapped n paper, «small miter, «notebook, Bll ed enclave coins, a tin cp of mil, and wad of il,