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Ethics in Design Worksheet

Answer the following questions in complete sentences. Worksheet is worth twenty.
(20) points.
Questions one (1) through three (3) are from the two videos. Each question is worth two
(2) points.

Goh talks about how Graphic Design is one of the worst industries because they
sell products that are bad for your body or are too expensive. What is your


What does content mean? Why is content important in Graphic Design?


What would you do if you had to design for a company you do not agree with in
term of product or ideas?

Questions four (4) through 10 (ten) are from he Ethics for the Starving Designer site
( Forward, Slide 1-21 and In Summary Each
question is worth two (2) points.

In the Forward, what does the author say that Graphic Designers need a code of


On slide number one (1), what is the authors position on compromising?

.On slide number ten (10), what is the authors vital part of design? Why?


On slide number thirteen (13), what does the author mean if the sufficient
amount of research done prior to accepting a project has not provided the basis for
later consequences?

In Summary IV states: Unless you absolutely, absolutely cannot,
you will say
no to any projects that may be harmful to society. You will however, find a way
to make amends in future. What does that mean?


In Summary VII states: Being ethical means respecting the views of others.
What might cause you to question this?


In Summary X states: And likewise, do not assume moral superiority and expect
those you work with to be ethically perfect. People make mistakes. What does
this mean? Put the statement in your own words.