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Abigail Magazine
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The New Year is just around the
corner and with that comes new
and fresh beginnings. Some of us
will be moving to new places for
jobs. Some of us will be setting
goals that we ARE going (notice I
didnt say will try) to reach this
year. While others will use this
year to catch up on years past
when they didnt have means to
just relax. Whatever it is, do it to
the best of your ability. Give it
100% and then some, and dont let
anything or anyone stop you!
From us, you can expect that! You
can look forward to some very

Felicia Rivers

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exciting articles with different

perspectives from the norm. The
range of topics we are going to
cover is going to be boundless, so
sit back and enjoy the ride!
And lastly, we thank you so much
for reading this issue of Abigail.
We put in a lot of work to get this
to you in the best way we can, so
our team greatly appreciates it
your support.

Yours truly,
Samantha Jones
Editor In Chief

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Being a strong woman has been quite

honored over the past couple of years. We
have had songs dedicated to our strength.
Artwork has illustrated our mighty power.
Poems have metaphorically depicted our
glory. We get appreciative looks from men
who can honor our drive, and we try ever
so hard not to let any of this make us
arrogant. Our mantra: Keep pushing. Stay

What bothers me the most is that while a man can

appreciate an independent woman from a distance, once
he steps closer he feels the need to tame her spirit. Im
not saying all men are like this, but the majority of
women I know have had this problem. What is it about
us that makes it seem that we are something to tamper
down, crush, and domesticate? Is it the no nonsense
attitude we have for men who we know are going to waste
our time? Is it the fact that they know that with our drive
we will surpass them if they cant keep up? Or is it a deep
inherent drive left from our primitive ancestors to
dominate things we deem to be inferior to us? It seems
that our will is a direct blow to their male ego, and that is
just wrong! I think we as people need to progress to the
point where other peoples drive doesnt feel like a
straight interference with our own.
To look on the other side of this, I do think that we as
independent women do need to allow ourselves to be
vulnerable. I know our guard is always up because we
have to remain strong, not only for ourselves, but for
others. Matter of fact, its probably more so the latter,
but we cannot allow our pride to get in the way of something that could be good for us. I know its hard because
of the fear of being hurt, but that fear should not rule or
dictate our lives. Its easy to push people away, but it
takes strength to let go and allow people access to our
inner selves.
Disclaimer! Being vulnerable does not mean be stupid,
though. Everyone should remain cautious with people
you let in your circle. Everyone does not have good
intentions. We need to learn how to use discernment and
listen to that voice on the inside that tells us if something
is off. Do not put that feeling to the side or try to
rationalize it away. Thats how grave mistakes are made.
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Harriet Tubman: born in Maryland in 1820. She escaped to Pennsylvania (a free state) in 1849. Ms. Tubman
is known for being the conductor of the Underground Railroad freeing her parents, siblings and over sixty
others to the north through a series of hideouts and houses leading slaves to safety.

Hattie McDaniel: born 1895 in Kansas. She was the youngest of 13 children. She became the first African
American radio personality in 1925.

Angela Davis: born in 1944 in Alabama. Her claim to fame is her activities as a communist campaigner during Civil Rights Movement and a member of the Black Panther Party. She made FBI most wanted list in the
60s ordered by J. Edgar Hoover. In 1972, was sentenced to death for participating in a fatal death. But was
later acquitted and became an icon for the struggle of Black Peoples Rights. .

Madame C.J. Walker: Born Sara Breedlove. Her parents were both slaves from Louisiana in the later part
of the 19th century orphaned by the age of 7 she found herself in the adult world to fend for herself at the
age of 10 she became a servant and got married at the age of 14. She later developed a scalp disease that
made her lose her hair. She developed a remedy for hair proteins and commercialized it. She traveled the
U.S. and went to several conferences to promote her product. She kept her third husbands name.

Rosa Parks: Born in Alabama. The state of Alabama was highly segregated in the 1950s. Ms. Parks was a
seamstress who would eventually become the Mother of the Civil Rights Movement. Dec. 1st 1955, she
was determined she was not going to get up out of her seat for a white man. This led to a 381 day boycott,
(by a 26 year old pastor MLK), of the bus system after Ms. Parks was arrested and given a $14.00 ticket for
violation of segregation laws!

People say that I didnt give up my seat because I was tired, but that isnt true. I was not tired physically
() No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in.

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It's the president's job to make the people feel confident in his decision making. Back in the 1930s the minimum wage was worth it's
weight in gold. Meaning the value of the dollar carried way more
weight than the inflated dollar today. Then minimum wage could
sustain a decent living for a middle and low income family. Today,
the dollar is no longer backed by gold and inflation is driving prices
up faster than the dollars value can keep up. In the more than 75
years since congress first enacted a federal minimum wage - at 25
cents an hour
hour-- lawmakers have increased it nine times, reaching the
current level of $7.25 in 2009, and with every increase the same
objections have been raised. The minimum wage is a government
mandate that interferes with the free market. Once you add in public assistance and tax credits, $9.00 an hour is plenty, and business
could survive that. Do not let any calamity
calamity--howling executive with
an income of a thousand dollars a day, who has been turning his/
her employees over to the government relief rolls in order to preserve his company's undistributed reserves, tell you - using his
stockholders money to pay the postage for his personal opinions
opinions-tell you that a wage of $11.00 a week is going to have a disastrous
effect on all American industry. It took five years from F.D.R'S first
inauguration in 1933 to enact the federal minimum wage. The period encompassed "Black Monday" on May 27, 1935, when the supreme court invalidated the new labor standards in the national
industrial recovery act of 1933, and "White Monday" on March 29,
1937, setting the stage for passage of a federal version. Today, with
census data showing that one third of Americans are either in or
near poverty, the arguments in favor of an adequate minimum wage are still compelling. The difference is that the minimum wage has gone from being a bold advance in labor law to a
basic tool for broader prosperity, albeit one that Congress has failed
to deploy fully. That Is a shame. What FDR said in 1938 about establishing a minimum wage is also true about raising it. "Without question it starts us toward a better standard of living and increases purchasing power to buy the products of farm and factory." Considering FDR was the president who signed the "New Deal," which put us
under the current monetary system we use today (credit/debit), his
statement about minimum wage had to be based on his belief that
the people understood the situation the country was in and would
not only work to sustain their own wealth, but to the nations wealth
as well. If you really look at this statement, it appears as if the signing of minimum wage was covertly meant to run the businesses out
of the country and bankrupt the nation as it has done the last 80
years. Why? Well, because paying "living wages" to everyone hurts
the companies profits, and caused politicians to tax the middle
class to make up the balance in order to continue financing "the
nation", which in turn is finances through the collateralization of the
people and property within the nation per the New Deal.
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Name: Elisa Clifton

Location: Williston, S.C.
Occupation: Lab Technician/Phlebotomist
Children: 4
Nickname: Lisa

Elisa Clifton is a small town woman that

was raised in the South. In this exclusive
interview she speaks on how she lost her
brother to violence as well as speaking
on her life and marriage. Hopefully her
story can reach out to possibly help others cope with losing a loved one by violence. Listen to her story and how she
copes with things and how she has became a successful woman of the South.
Tell us about your life growing up
in the South?
I grew up in the small town of Williston,
S.C. where everyone knows everyone
and the community is like family.
Chances for success were very slim coming from a small town. I grew up in a
single parent home, my mom and dad
separated when I was 7. It was a big
challenge for me, but my mom showed
me the strength of a true soldier when it
came to raising me and my sister. She
was and still is my foundation spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I went to

elementary school at Kelly Edwards Elementary, middle school at Williston Elko

Middle and graduated from Williston
Elko High in 1998. I went on to pursue a
career in nursing, but changed my major
when I found out I was pregnant with
my first child A'miah. I graduated in
2000 with a degree in Health Science in
Medical Laboratory and a minor in Office Assisting. I've been in the medical
field for 15 yrs now with a positive work
history, and a career that I love and have
earned alot of respect from. In 2004 I
became pregnant with my son Onzarion
who is ten now, even though I was a single parent I didn't let that stop me. I
continued to work and make a living for
me and my kids. In 2010 as a single parent I was blessed to build my first home
which was a big accomplishment for me
coming from a small town. On March 19,
2011, I married my number one fan my
husband Waydee. In 2012 we became
the proud parents of twin girls, Kynslee
and Kylee. My family is my foundation

and growing up in the South has been a

success for me. It was because I kept
God first, I stayed focused, and did away
with negativity. I know I'm not done yet
because there are still doors opening for
me and I plan to walk through them to
see what God has in store.
How long have you been married?
I have been married for 3 years.
What ups and downs do you feel is
normal in an average marriage?
I would say the ups in a marriage is having a spiritual bond with God, and also
having a partner that plays in every
game with you so at the end of the day
both of you are winners.
I would say the downs would be the lack
of communication and letting family and
friends gravitate off of negative energy.
Whatever goes on between you and your
spouse leave it between the two of you
bringing outside people inside your marriage is asking for trouble.
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What advice can you give to other females in the How are you dealing with his death?
I'm dealing with my brother' s death by telling his story and
Advice I would give would be no matter what you set out to hopefully encouraging other young men and women to be
accomplish, as long as you have faith and trust in God any- aware of the company they keep. I attend family functions
thing is possible.
with his mom, and his class reunion functions. I also do a
yearly Christmas giveaway to the less fortunate in his
Seeing that S.C. has went from #1 to #2 in violent
crimes towards women what do you feel could be
done to improve these numbers?
What advice would you give to someone else who lost
a loved one to violence?
To improve crimes in S.C. among women, we need to have
more positive female role models, leadership, mentoring and My advice to someone coping with death due to violence
also educating our young women on how to cope with nega- would be to tell their story to inform others, cherish all memtivity on social media.
ories that God had allowed for them to be a part of your life.
Pray and ask God for strength, clarity, and justice. Also ask
What are you doing to help improve your communiGod to open your heart to forgiveness towards the person that
took their life.
To help improve my community I try to be a voice not only to
Do you believe that guns kill people or that people
my children, but also to the kids that are headed in the wrong
kill people?
I honestly believe people kill people, because guns wouldn't
What is your favorite motivational quote from the
harm anyone if there wasn't an irresponsible human being to
pick it up and take the lives of innocent people.
My favorite motivational quote is Philippi answer 4:13 " I can
Did you vote in the last election? Do you plan to vote
do all things through Christ who strengthens me".
in 2016?
What do you do to relieve stress?
I did not vote in 2015 because of all the negativity that surI relieve stress by praying not only in the mist of a storm but rounded the Republican and democratic parties, but I plan to
throughout my daily journey. I also take trips to regroup and vote in 2016 because my voice does count.
figure out how to go about stressful situations in about positive manor.
Can you tell us what happened to your brother?
On May 27, 2013 my brother Archie Baldwin Jr., was taken
away from us by gun violence. He was shot in the back and
left for dead as if he were a stray dog. His body wasn't recovered until five days later. He was never a gang banger, drug
dealer, or a bully. He was a well known, well groomed gentleman that hung with the wrong crowd. His life was taken because of jealousy and envy. He surrounded himself with a
group of guys he considered his friends, not knowing that
they had hidden agendas. Those so called friends knew the
day he was shot and the location of his body, but never did
they inform anyone of his whereabouts while we searched for
him day after day. The day his body was discovered was one
of the worst days of my life, because I expected the results to
be different. That day changed everything even though they
have arrested the two guys still doesn't change the fact that
my brother is gone forever.
Are there any regrets? Or is there anything you feel
could have been changed?
I regret the fact that my brother didn't get the chance to realize those guys weren't his friends. I believe he would've still
been with us if he would've realized sooner.
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Name: Relesha Thompson

Location: Spartanburg, SC
Age: 27
Title: U.S. Army Veteran, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer,
Owner of WomenKnowlogy Incorporated
Contact: Personal
Personal-- Relesha Thompson
Business-- WomenKnowlogy
Personal IG: @xquisitedeliteBusiness
IG: @womenknowlogy
Phone: (864)

What inspired you to want to work I was inspired to work in the fitness inin the fitness industry?
dustry because after having both of my
children I struggled with losing weight,
eating right, gaining a consistent
workout regimen, and just gaining a
healthier lifestyle period so I understand
what it takes and how hard changing
your life can be. I've always had a passion to help people and when I realized
how challenging it was for me to change
my lifestyle even though I wanted to, I
said "I bet it's more people out there
that could use my help, my advice, and
my knowledge. I bet it's more people out
there that want to change but don't have
the first idea of how to and I would like
to bridge that gap." So I decided to go
get my Personal Training Certification
and start my business.
Tell us about your gym. Location?
Costs? Mission?
The name of my Fitness Organization is
WomenKnowlogy Incorporated. WomenKnowlogy is an acronym
that means Women On a Mission En-

couraging New Knowledge Not Old

Ways of Life while being Obedient to
God and Yourself. My mission is to encourage both men and women. To give
them new knowledge and tools to live a
healthier lifestyle and become more conscious of what they put into their bodies
and minds. I want to help people gain
overall wellness by helping them better
themselves emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually because when one
of those is out of whack you no longer
have balance within yourself. Right now
my business is mobile which means we
come to you. We offer Personal Training
sessions, Club Cardio Classes, Boot
Camp classes, Meal Plans, and Meal Replacement/Weight Lost Supplements.
**Our Personal Training sessions are
$30 per 1 hour session**Boot Camp
Classes starting at $10 per 1 hour Boot
Camp Session (depending on location)
**Meal plans - $20 **Meal Replacement/Protein/Weight lost supplements
- call for pricingPage 16

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Believe it or not, most celebrities have landlords. Yes! They live in rented homes just like
you and I. Well almost, their price tags are somewhat higher. While there are rentals homes
all over the US, for celebrities, they choose certain areas to call home. Here are the top five:
5.) Atlanta, GA: Home to such reality stars like Porsha Williams
who rented a 6 bedroom, 8000 square foot mini mansion. Porsha
was rumored to have paid between $8,000- $12,000 a month for
her home.
4.) The Hamptons: Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian rented a 14
million dollar waterfront mansion, which boasted 5 bedrooms, 6.5
bathrooms on a 3 acre lot.

3.) New York City, NY- Rhianna is the ultimate renter. This diva
rents a swanky penthouse, as well as several other rental homes in
NYC. Her penthouse has 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths and she reportedly
pays $39,000 a month for her home.

2.) Beverly Hills, CA- Justin Bieber rents his $29,000 a month home
here. Justins home has its own nightclub, theater, 3 bars and
indoor gym.

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1.) Los Angeles, CA: Jay Z and Beyonc

rent a 16,000 sq. ft. home that is currently on
the market for $48 million dollars. The huge
master bedroom with 3 walk in closets, infinity pool, wine cellar, and 6500 square feet of
multi terrace outdoor views, rents for
$200,000 a month.

but one faced by many Hollywood actors,

writers and producers renting allows you to
spend more or less depending on your cash

Additionally renting allows you freedom to

move around when you want to without having to be tied to a mortgage payment or trying
Some people have asked why
to sell your home if you suddenly get traded
do celebrities who in most cases have unlim- to a new basketball team mid-season. Next
ited income, rent homes instead of buying?
time we will also take a sneak peek inside of
There are several reasons (stay tuned to my Chris Browns $15,000 a month rental home
next article to find out the top 5 reaand we will talk to Musiq Soulchild aka The
sons celebrities rent) why a celebrity would
Husel about the chill spots in his home,
choose to rent. When you rent a house, you where he loves to write his hits.
typically only have a flat monthly fee that
youll pay the landlord. The landlord takes
Don't forget, never stop reaching for "Your
care of all other costs of homeownership, in- Ideal Home".
cluding rising property taxes and maintenance expenses. Renting gives you greater Follow me at
control over your finances, someInstagram:
thing celebrities value. Also, if youre unsure @ideal_media
of where youre next dollar is coming from,
HashTag: #YourIdealHome
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