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The Red Wolf

By: Kaitlyn Harrison

Table of Contents
Title Page of the book Page 1
The Scientific Name for the Red Wolf and the Meaning Page 3
Locomotion, movement or ability to move from one place to
another Page 4
How the Red Wolf promotes survival and adaption to its
climate Page 5
Red Wolves appearance and how it transforms page 6
What it eats and where it is in the Food Web Page 8
Habitat and Range of Red Wolves Page 9
Life Cycle and Reproduction Page 10
Behavior of Red Wolf Page 12
Red Wolves defense/offense and species survival status Page 13
Enemies of Red Wolves Page 14
Fun Facts about Red Wolves Page 16
Classification and List of websites used for Red Wolves Page 18
Glossary Page 19

Scientific name and

meaning of Red Wolves

The scientific name for

this beautiful creature is
Canis Rufus. Canis
Rufus means Manned
wolf and Canispige,
which means any
predatory, Carnivorous
mammals of North
America that Is relative
to the Manned Wolf.

Coyote ,Red Wolf and Gray Wolf.

Locomotion of Red Wolves

The Red Wolf moves about by having a long tail
that supports them while they walk or run.
It can also move about by walking very low and stalk
its prey.
Red Wolf Running

How does the red wolf move about?

How the movement of the red wolf promotes,

further the process of survival and adaptation,
to Its climate.
The red wolf promotes adaptation to Its climate by to
be able to survive in the USA and being able to survive
heart disease.
The red wolf promotes survival by the long grass North
Carolina has being able to eat anything It wants and
being able to hide from hunters.

Red Wolves appearance and

How it transforms in away
The Red Wolf has a combination of gray , light brown, red, and
some black In Its fur. Its teeth are sharp and long, It also has a
long bushy tail, long ears, and has long legs. Its bigger than a
coyote but smaller than a gray wolf Its size is 4 feet long from
nose to tail. The weight of this wolf is 45-80 pounds. It
transforms In a way because when Its a pup its a different color
then the mom and dad and when it gets older it has the same
color as the mom and dad.

Red Wolves Appearance

Red Wolf howling and Red Wolf stalking prey

What It eats and where

It is in the Food Web
The red wolf Is a
carnivore, eats meat, It
eats by Its long sharp
fangs and rips It prey
eating It until Its food.
The Red Wolf eats
rabbits, birds, rodents,
dead animals and other
prey. The Red Wolf is
the top predator in the
southeast of the part of
the U.S.A

Habitat and Range

Usually In the woods ,
In swamps, and In
prairies In North
Live In the United
States of America and
sometimes found In
other parts of the
southeastern regions.

Red Wolves on map

Life Cycle and Reproduction

The Red Wolf mate from February through March
and after 2 months of mating, only the female
leader mates, the female mate has 2-10 pups. The
mom takes care of the pups and then the dad takes
care of the pups after she has babies.
After they turn 3 months old the mother leaves
them and they have theyre own lives
If Its a female It goes Into heat In February and
the male finds him a mate, he has to go through a
fight If someone's already there.

Red Wolf Pups

Behavior of Red
Mostly Red Wolves are
nocturnal and Is
sometimes active In the
morning of winter after
they hibernate. It
sometimes vicious when
they are guarding pups or
female. It Is In Packs and
sometimes alone It
mostly takes animals
dens or sometimes make

Wolf Pack and Mother with Pups

Red Wolves
defense/offence and
species survival status
The Red wolf defends Itself
with Its razor sharp claws and
long teeth and when Its
attacking other animals that
are lethal like cougars they
have speed and stealth on Its
side. But Its In danger of
extinction because they are
being hunted by people who
like theyre fur and they lost a
main food source that they
mostly used.

Wolves fighting and

Hunters taking picture
with dead wolves

Enemies of red wolves

The Enemies of red wolves are
Humans mostly because they kill
more wolves than anything.
Enemies of red wolves are Canidae
because they mostly get on there land
and they are very hard about whos
on whos land.

Wolf Hunter carrying red wolf


Fun facts for Red Wolves

What is unique about

the Red Wolves is that
they can survive heart
worm, a sickness that
gives you worms in
your heart only animals
get it.
People love the Red
Wolves fur so much
they hunt for theyre
fur and it almost
making them almost

Classification and List of

websites used
The Red Wolf is related to the coyote, gray wolf, and the Manned wolf.
Linnaean System
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chorpata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Canidea
Genius: Canis
Species: C.Lupus
Subspecies: C.I.Rufus
List of Websites

Wolf grinning

Manned Wolf

Gray wolf


Reproduction: Make more of species
Food Web: A system of interlocking and interdependent food
Promotes: To further the process of something
Adaption: An action or process of adapting or being adapted.
Scientific: Means the specific name for a animal or an object.
Survival: To live somewhere for along time and to eat enough
food and resources.
Offence: How a being attacks another being.
Species Survival Status/SSS: How much of the species are there.
Life Cycle: The cycle of your life or ones other life.
Defense: How someone or something defends Itself.