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Danang CDS addressing climate change

within urban planning system in Vietnam:

innovations and challenges
Hung Viet NGO, MSc.
CDS Researcher in Danang city
PhD Candidate at Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies
Erasmus University of Rotterdam

1. Introduction

Danang city
Area: 1255.53 km2
Population: 890,000
Strategic position, Major
growth center in the
center of Vietnam.

2. CDS in Danang

Environmental focus:
2005 Environmental Law Vietnam
2008 decision on approving the plan Developing
Danang-environmental city
Paved the way for Climate Change focus

Climate Change focus:

2010 Climate change coordination office
established in Danang
Increased climate change focus

2. CDS in Danang
The vision for Danang City:
Danang to be an Internationally Competitive
Environmental City beyond being Pollution-free

Free from air, water, and soil pollution;

Ecosystems and cultures are preserved;
Green businesses take the lead in economic growth;
Peoples awareness of the environment is high;
Socioeconomic activities impose a small load on the
environment; and
People and investments are protected against natural and
man-made disasters.

2. CDS in Danang

For the first time in Vietnam a focus on the
liveable city
Frontrunner in sustainable urban
CDS contributed positively

2. CDS in Danang

Institutional framework for planning:

1) socioeconomic planning
2) sectoral planning
3) physical planning

Equally applicable at national, provincial, and

district levels

2. CDS in Danang

2. CDS in Danang
All CDSs
prepared in the
cities of
Vietnam have
not been legally
approved at
any level and
they have not
been officially
however the
Danang CDS
had an impact


2. CDS in Danang
CDS has been implemented indirectly :
Reference for revision of Spatial Master plan of Danang
Form of city developed in CDS is applied in the Revised
Spatial Master Plan of Danang
Result of population calculation in CDS is used in the
revision of Spatial Master plan of Danang city
One of the scenarios of sea level rise in CDS is chosen for
the study of Revised Spatial Master Plan of Danang
Public transportation in Danang completely followed the
transportation development strategy in CDS
CDS was sent to citys departments for reference.

3. Danang CDS and climate change issues

Climate change no core issue in CDS

No concern of Danang city Leaders in time of
Part of Environmental Management of Danang
mentions climate change issues/ many
(in)direct linkages

3. Danang CDS and climate change issues

a) Storm Resistant Housing Idea Competition and Storm
Resistant Housing Program
Build capacity among competitors, program participants
and community members
Train local builders to design, and construct clime resistant
Establish Loan Fund for Storm Resistant Housing

b) Develop and Connect 1)Hydraulic model for drainage

system of prioritized infrastructure and 2) Hydrological
model of urban development simulation
Develop a database on climate change impacts
Prepare a multi-agency guidance document
Increase awareness

4. Challenges and opportunies - climate change issues

in Danang

Top down planning

Financial resources limited
Human resources limited
Lack of coordination
Vulnerability to CC and rapid urbanization

4. Challenges and opportunies - climate change issues

in Danang

First attempt participatory planning

First city-wide exhibition
Participatory approach not yet matured
Limited decision making power of local people
Result: local awareness about sustainability
Challenge and opportunity: participation to
increase awareness about climate change

How can we integrate a flexible and participatoryapproach plan like CDS into current rigid and topdown approach planning process in Vietnam?
Should the current Vietnam planning approach
be flexible and allow for adaptations by
stimulating the development of add-ons along
the way which would allow for addressing climate
change more explicitly in retrospective?

Thank you for your attention!