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“I like that about you. A guy who keeps saying that he’s not good enough for you
really annoys me.”
“I mean, what’s that about? Who’s good enough for who?”
“Well, thank you.”
“But there’s another thing that I like about you.”
“You dream big dreams.”
“Everyone dreams.”
“But not everyone dreams the way you do. I like it when you say you’re going to be
big people.”
“I was joking about that most of the time.”
“I know, but when you joke enough about something, they become true someday.”
“Should talk about it more often, then.”
“Yep. You know, I was used to always like the bad-boy type of guys when I was in
elementary school and junior high. But then I go to girl’s high school and just lost all
connections with guys.”
“Only to regain it in college.”
“But my taste changed entirely! I come to like good guys. Geeky guys even. You’re
kind of geeky sometimes.”
“I’m geeky?”
“Well, only sometimes.”
‘That doesn’t make me feel any better.”
“Geeky in a good sense, though.”
“How can you be geeky in a good sense? Tell me.”
“Geeky people are smart! They just don’t act like normal people. They have concerns
far more important than our mundane daily things. Like math! Or astronomy.”
‘Yes! Sometimes I think I’m a bit geeky.”
“I didn’t know you’re good at math or astronomy.”
“Of course I’m not. But sometimes I’m so indulged in what I’m reading, or studying
that I stop caring about my looks, or having meals altogether…you see, isn’t that a bit
“A bit.”
“Don’t you think you’re a bit geeky, then?”
“Yea, I suppose. But only sometimes.”
“Me, too. Sometimes, only.”
“Such relief, isn’t it?”
「我喜歡你那點。一個人一直說他不夠好,配不上你真的讓我覺得很煩。 」
「真的。 」
「這個嘛,謝謝你。 」
「我還喜歡你另一點。 」
「你有偉大的夢想。 」
「每個人都會做夢啊。 」
「但是你作夢的方式不一樣。我喜歡你說有一天你會成為一個有番作為的人。 」
「大部分的時間其實我都是在開玩笑。 」
「我知道。但是一個玩笑開到某個程度,有天就會變成真的。 」
高中,就跟男生沒有接觸了。 」
「大學的時候才又跟男生有了接觸。 」
你就有點怪。 」
「怎麼會?你說說看。 」
不會注意到的事情。像是數學,或是天文學。 」
「對啊!有時候我就覺得我有點怪。 」
「我不知道你對數學跟天文學很在行。 」
「有一點。 」
「嗯,可能吧。有時候而已。 」
「我也是──『有時候』而已。 」