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“I like the Buddhist’s idea about the universe.”

“What do they say?”
“It’s the emptiness.”
“I know. I mean, what does THAT mean?”
“You know about the ‘Big Bang’?”
“What about that?”
“Okay, let’s see…what do you think that the ‘Big Bang’ comes out of? Certainly it
doesn’t come out of nothing.”
“Well, I don’t study astronomy, and you’re supposed to be telling me about that
‘emptiness’ you just talked about, not questioning me.”
“I’m explaining!”
“Well, you see…the point of the whole thing is that, you just can’t explain where it
comes from, right?”
“Not that I know of.”
“And whatever you made up to explain it, you’ll end up striking up another problem
—and the same question…where does it come from?”
“That’s true…but still…”
“So if you can’t explain it, it means that…there’s really nothing there!”
“Wait a minute! That’s not right!”
“I knew you’d say that.”
“I mean, how’s that supposed to be possible?”
“Oh, maybe we’re just the imagination of someone else! Like Sophie in Sophie’s
“Now you’re getting too far.”
“But it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing there. It really means that nothing is really
there ‘independently’.”
“Still doesn’t make sense.”
“It does! It just says nothing can be entirely on its own, it must depend on the
existence of something else.”
“Like, there must be something else there to stir up the Big Bang?”
“Something like that.”
“You are not sure?”
“Not really. I just thought that it’s a nice way to solve the whole mystery.”
“Indeed. Very nice.”
「我喜歡佛教徒說的宇宙。 」
「空。 」
「空。 」
問我問題。 」
「抱歉。 」
「我不知道。 」
「我就知道你會這樣說。 」
「喔,可能我們都只是別人的想像,就像是蘇菲的世界(Sophie’s World)裡的
蘇菲一樣。 」
「你扯太遠了。 」
「但這也不表示什麼都不存在。應該說,沒有什麼東西是獨立存在的。 」
「還是不太合理。 」
西的存在上。 」
「比如說,有個什麼東西引發了大爆炸。 」
「之類的。 」
「不見得。我只是覺得這是一個解開奧秘的方式。 」
「的確。很好。 」