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“I’m just so grateful of my parents, for my upbringing.”

“I thank them, too.”
“They make me the way I am now, and honestly, I couldn’t love it more. Dose that
sound narcissistic?”
“A little.”
“But I mean it. I love the way I am right now! Okay…perhaps I do want to be a little
bit taller, and slightly slimmer, and have a fairer complexion, and I wish my finger
knuckles don’t have to be so huge, and my knees are kind of…”
“Honestly, did you just say that you love the way you are right now, Miss Everything-
“Okay, besides those things…I DO love the way I am.”
“Well, okay.”
“My point is that, I really can’t imagine myself any other way than the way I am right
“Nobody can.”
“But…you know…I said I don’t like my fingers and knees and stuff, but I’d never
want to go for plastic surgery!”
“Cosmetic surgery?”
“No way.”
“We’ll put that down, and see if this still holds true twenty years later.”
“Try me.”
「我很感謝我的父母把我撫養長大。 」
「我也是。 」
「有一點。 」
「我是認真的。我喜歡現在這樣的我。好 ,可能我想要再長高一點、再瘦一點、再
「 剛剛不是才說 喜歡現在這樣的自己?凡事必求完美小姐?」
「好 ,除了剛才那些之外,我的確喜歡現在的自己。 」
「重點是,我想像不到我會比現在更好。 」
「的確。 」
「但是… 知道…雖然我說我不喜歡我的手指、膝蓋等等,我也不會想去整形外
科。 」
「先不說了,我們來看看二十年後 是不是還這樣想。 」
「來 !」