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PCCM (One Pager)

- William Osler


Hudon 2011)

Illness,health, context
(Little 2001)

(Stewart 2014)
Tadao Okada, MD, MPH @ Primary Care Institute Japan

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last updated on 2014/06/25

Rao et al (2007):

Dwamena et al (2012):
fairly strong evidence

Zolnierek, DiMatteo(2009):

Dwamena et al (2012):

Jani et al (2012): PHQ-9

Epstein (2005):
Stewart (2011): $ 29.48 vs $ 11.46
Stewart 1989
8.5 10.57.8
10.9-12.0Epstein (200518.8
vs 22.8

Shared Decision Making(SDM)



Tadao Okada, MD, MPH @ Primary Care Institute Japan

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last updated on 2014/06/25


Disease: biomedical




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Tadao Okada, MD, MPH @ Primary Care Institute Japan

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last updated on 2014/06/25

Incorporating Prevention and

Health Promotion

(heath promotion)
health and
strength, strength and resilience
health promotion resilience
Cassell2013 (: the nature of healing

heath education and disease prevention)

Being Realistic
The Health Care Context and Patient-Centered Care

Stewart the patient s perception of health, what health means to them, their
ability to pursue the aspiration, purposes important to their lives
disease illnesshealthdisease
voice of medicine, voice of lifeworld, (Mishler 1984) lifeworld ignored, lifeworld blocked,
mutual lifeworld, strictly medicine (Barry 2001)

health promotion
heath promotionprevention
self ecacy

well-being(WHO 1940)WHO 1986

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communication in general practice. Soc Sci Med. 2001 Aug;53(4):487-505.

Tadao Okada, MD, MPH @ Primary Care Institute Japan

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last updated on 2014/06/25

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