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Lesson: 2nd Conditional

Level: Intermediate
Time: 45 minutes

Date: 19/2/2015

Materials: Whiteboard, Markers, and exercise sheets.

Intermediate level students understand and are able to do the following:
1. Write sentences using 2nd conditional.
2. Create possibilities effectively while using the 2nd conditional.


Lead in
(Engage stage,
Warm up)

Activity 1

Teachers: Noor Mughal





Anticipated problems for Teacher:

1. T may Solution: Teacher will present through a power point presentation. The
teacher will make the students actively read the examples out loud with the
Teacher to ensure that students understand.
Anticipated problems for Students:
1. Ss may think that the 2nd conditional only refers to possibilities in the future.
Solution: T will go over the definition and ask CCQs to ensure that Ss know
that 2nd conditional refers to possibilities in the present and future.

Teacher Activity


T will write an example of a 2nd conditional sentence on the white board and engage the class in an active discussion about
I.e. If it snowed in Saudi Arabia, it would be perfect.


While pointing to the board, T will ask Ss:

What is a possibility?
Can it be about the past events, present, and future events?
Can a possibility be something certain?
If you had to pick a possibility for your life, then what would it be? (Ask every Ss)


T will answer the questions once the Ss give their answers and thoughts on the subject.


T will hold a ball and throw it to each student. As the student will catch the ball, the Ss will use the example on the board to
create their own 2nd conditional sentence. Ss will say their 2nd conditional phrase to the class.



The ball will go through all Ss in the class to ensure participation.

T will write the definition of the 2nd conditional on the board as the following:
The 2nd conditional relates to unreal situations that could have possibilities. However, these situations are impossible and
T will write a 2nd conditional example on the board.
I.e. If I got a job in China, I would travel to all the ancient cities.
Under the example, T will write down the grammar make up on the 2nd conditional.





Past simple

Would + Basic verb


I had a million dollars

I would buy a Ferrari

T will write the completed answer on the board as:

If I had a million dollars, I would buy a Ferrari.
T will also write down five extra examples of 2nd conditional statements to help Ss grasp the concept.
T will ask CCQs to ensure if the students are on track:
What does 2nd conditional relate to?
Are 2nd conditional statements true or impossible?


T will instruct Ss to form pairs. T will then distribute an exercise sheet relating to the 2nd conditional.
The exercise will contain 20 questions and it will have key words written for each question. Ss will be required to use those
key words and write their own 2nd conditional statements. Ss will have 15 mins to complete the exercise.


T will write an example of an answer on the board of what will be expected of the students.
Given keyboard: Money, lottery, house.
Example: If I won the lottery, I would buy a huge house.


T will constantly remind Ss of time limitations every four minutes.


T will ask ICQs to make sure that the Ss know what theyre doing:
How much time do you have to complete the exercise?
How many people will be working together?
What will you be doing?


T will call each pair to the front of the class to read one answer from their exercises.
T will monitor and provide appropriate feedback by correcting the 2nd conditional statements if they are incorrect.

Activity 2