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Narrative Description

Academic Content
The most important content I learned in the SDA program was the various theories I
learned in my SDAD 5400: Student Development Theory, Research, and Practice course. In this
course I was able to learn specific theories that have informed my practice of working with
students. In particular, the theory that I believe to be most important to my learning was Yossos
(2005) Community Cultural Wealth. This theory allowed me to really think about the way I work
with students and how I view the identities they bring with them when entering the college
setting. This theory informs my approach to multicultural competence and social justice work as
I try to include the greatest number of students possible.
The most important thing I learned about myself in this program is in relation to the
development of my Black identity. In my first year in the program, I was able to realize what it
truly meant to be alone within a program. There were very few Black students in the program
causing me to think about the community I want to create for myself. As I transitioned into my
second year, I would be the only Black student in the program and in that time I would learn the
most about this identity. I was able to discover that this identity is at my core and I must continue
to find ways to develop it. This identity has grown so much in my two years at Seattle University
and I have been able to realize that I must hold true to myself in all situations.

In my University of the Pacific internship, I was able to learn what theory to practice
really looks like. I was able to watch my site supervisor, Ben Ellis, analyze things he chooses to
do and think about how to best serve students. Seeing this in his practice has truly informed the
way I hope to work with students. In my Institute on Social Justice internship, I learned that laws
and policies can drastically change the plans I have as a professional. I have been able to see that
the laws and policies we have in place can shape our programs and force us to think more
critically about the work we choose to do. I appreciate learning about laws and policies because I
know it will continue to shape the things I do in the future.
Graduate Assistantships
The biggest learning I take away from my graduate assistantship is that I can learn from
my students much more than I expect. I have been able to see how much knowledge my students
have to offer and how they can shape my practice. I believe that my assistantship has taught me
that students are not just here for gaining knowledge, but they are also here to impart knowledge
on me as well.
Implications of Professional Practice
The SDA program has prepared me for my future as a professional in many ways, but
most importantly they it has taught me to be critical. As a result of being in my classes, I have
learned to be critical of all things that happen in our profession. I will be a critical profession
who is working to include a diverse group of students. This program has taught me that in order
to be an advocate for students; I must question the things that are going on in all aspects of the
Critique of the Masters Program

My experience in this program has been an amazing one, but there are many things I
really want to see change in order to inspire growth for the future. My biggest critique of the
program would have to be the classes we take. As our program is rooted in social justice, I find it
very redundant for us to take classes that are rooted in teaching this concept on an elementary
level. We learn about many of these concepts in a myriad of our classes, but we are still forced to
be in classes like Social Justice and Multicultural Perspectives which do not often offer us
anything new.
Jesuit Education
Being educated in a Jesuit context for the second time has furthered my belief in social
justice and the importance it plays in our work. This education has allowed me to be much more
inclusive in my work and critical of the work happening in the field. The Jesuit context has
shaped the person I am today and the professional I will become.