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“For me, you’re like an eagle.”

“Why is that?”
“You have a free spirit.”
“I haven’t been wild for a long time!”
“You know that’s not what I mean!”
“You do things that you want to do.”
“Isn’t everyone the same?”
“Of course not! I don’t, for one.”
“That’s because you choose not to.”
“But you choose to! And that makes all the difference!”
“Well, okay.”
“And I like that about you.”
“Or a lion.”
“That fierce?”
“Exactly. No.”
“Why then?”
“I don’t know. You just have an air around you that…well…makes you…”
“I should stop. You’re very proud of yourself already. I shouldn’t make the situation
「對我來說,你像隻老鷹。 」
「你有個自由的靈魂。 」
「你知道我不是那個意思。 」
「你做你想做的事情。 」
「當然不是。像我就不是。 」
「那是因為你選擇不要。 」
「嗯,好吧。 」
「我喜歡你那樣。 」
「嗯。 」
「或者你像獅子。 」
「當然…不是。 」
「我想到此為止吧。你已經很自滿了,我不該讓情況變得更糟。 」