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“Do you think you’re a man already? Or a boy?”

“Somewhere in between.”
“I find our age really awkward.”
“I know what you mean. It’s like you don’t belong either of the two groups.”
“Exactly! And it gets even more awkward when people address you differently in
different situations!”
“But you’ll get over it.”
“Right. Very soon.”
“We should be glad that we still have this problem.”
“But I don’t mind being old.”
“That’s because you’re not there…yet.”
“I mean it. Except all those wrinkles I’d get!”
“Okay. But I love the fact that when you get older, you get to sit on the priority seat.”
“Bu that you’ll have to wait for a long time…when you get really old.”
“That’s true. Okay, for real, I like it that you’ll be able to do things you like to do.”
“Quite the opposite. You’ll be bounded by one little thing called responsibility.”
“Is that so? But there’s another. You’ll know more things about this world we’re
living in…well, at least a little more than when you’re younger.”
“You’ll never be satisfied by what you already knew.”
“Curiosity killed the cat.”
“Right. You have a very sense of humor.”
“Thank you. But…if you can choose, will you choose not to grow up?”
“No, for sure.”
“Well, let’s put it this way then…would you have botox when you’re old and have
lots of wrinkles?”
「介於兩者之間吧。 」
「我覺得我們的年齡很尷尬。 」
「我懂你的意思。好像你不屬於大人那一群,也不屬於小孩那一掛。 」
「正是!更尷尬的是別人會在不同的情況下,用不同的方式稱呼你。 」
「但你會就會克服的。 」
「是啊,很快。 」
「該慶幸我們仍然有這樣的困擾。 」
「其實我不介意變老。 」
「那是因為你『還沒有』變老。 」
「我說真的…除了那些皺紋之外。 」
「好啦!但是我喜歡當我變老的時候,就可以坐在博愛座上。 」
「那你得等很久…等你真的變很老的時候。 」
「沒錯!不過說真的,到那時你就可以做你想做事情。 」
得更多。 」