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Teaching 3730 Ed. Guidance, Assessment, Instruction, and Classroom Mgt. ECH.

Fall 2013

Classroom Behavior Management Plan

Grade Level:

Teacher Candidate Name: Marisa Aderman


Students will engage in a respectful community where learning is accessible

to all students. The classroom will also be a positive room where all are
encouraged to reach their full potential academically, socially, emotionally,
physically, and mentally.

A statement written to
meet the criteria
established in Module

Three procedures
(minimum) appropriate
to the class

Going to the bathroom: 1. Use sign language for bathroom to the teacher
2. Once request is approved, student will take the bathroom pass out of the
class and bring it to the bathroom.
3. When coming back the student will place the pass back and return to
work quietly to prevent distractions.
Walking in the hallway: 1. Line up quietly and accept the place you are in
within the line.
2. Keep hands to yourselves when walking down hallway.
3. Be sure to whisper or be quiet in the hallway to prevent another class
from becoming distracted.
4. Once in new location, listen to teacher for directions on what is next.
Coming into the classroom: 1. Place backpack, coat, hats, mittens, etc. in
proper cubby space.
2. Take out folder and place any notes/homework into the turn in bucket.
3. Wash hands and then sign in on the attendance sheet.
4. Return to desk quietly and start working on morning sheets.

Rules appropriate to
demographics (number
of rules age

1. Raise hand quietly and wait to be called on when wanting to share a

response or ask a question.
2. Keep materials in your own desk space and respect others materials
and space during the day.
3. Use kind and appropriate words towards students and the teacher in
the classroom.
4. Be the friend you want to see in the classroom.

Appropriate to
demographics and
linked to rules if

The consequences in the classroom will follow a stoplight approach. When

a student is not listening or behaving as asked, the student will be asked to
flip their personal stoplight to the yellow. When they respond with a kind
gesture, or be respectful the rest of the day the student will return it back to
green. But, if a student continues to be disrespectful and not listen, the
student will reach red and then black where they are expected to have a
conference with the teacher to decide what the best consequence would be
for the specific situation.

Teaching 3730 Ed. Guidance, Assessment, Instruction, and Classroom Mgt. ECH. Fall 2013

Action Plan
Steps to be taken to
communicate plan (see
Module #1)

Be sure to get the plan approved by other coworkers and administration in

the school. Once that is complete, then show students what is expected of
them in a respectful way. Discuss with the students if they think there are
any appropriate changes that needs to be made. Then teach the students
what that will look like in the classroom. When it is starting to be
implemented in the classroom, remind the class of some of the
rules/consequences so that they have a verbal reminder of what is
expected. I would also send a newsletter home to the parents so that they
are fully aware of the expectations set for their children. If there needs to be
further changes, let the students brainstorm what can be done so that they
feel more in control of their environment and improve their problem solving



In an orderly fashion, exit the building, staying low to avoid smoke inhalation.


If the fire alarm has not been activated, pull the closest fire alarm when exiting
the building. (If the fire alarm has already been activated, there is no need to
pull a second alarm.)


Familiarize yourself with the layout of the building. Escape routes are posted
throughout buildings in areas easily accessible to everyone.


If you are the last person to exit a classroom or office, close the door, reducing
the fires spread and damage.


After exiting, meet in designated areas (see 7 below) to be accounted for.

Under no circumstances should you reenter a burning building!

Teaching 3730 Ed. Guidance, Assessment, Instruction, and Classroom Mgt. ECH. Fall 2013


To prevent personal endangerment and obstruction of emergency responders

and equipment, do not leave the assigned areas until cleared to do so by your
Area Leader.