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Lesson: Preposition of Time and Location

Time: 45 minutes

Level: Elementary level

Sub Objectives:
1. To encourage students to actively participate in class activities.
2. Introduce students to the rewards system.



Lead in

Teacher: Areej Mughal.

Materials: Projector screen, Power Point Presentation, White board, Markers, Ball, Treats.

To ensure that elementary level students will be able to:
1. Use simple prepositions properly in their speech.
2. To categorize the prepositions of time and location.


Date: 19/2/2015



Anticipated problems for Teacher:

1. Teacher may not be able to explain preposition of time and location without a
visual presentation.
Solution: Teacher will present a power point presentation with adequate slides
that are dedicated to different types of prepositions with a visual aid to help
Anticipated problems for Students:
1. There are many different types of prepositions and students may not be able
to categorize between the time and location prepositions.
Solution: Teacher will show the students a chart which efficiently categorizes
the prepositions of time and location. The chart will be presented within the
power point presentation that will teach grammar.

Teacher Activity
T will engage the students in a guessing game of Where is the ball?
T will explain that she will place the ball in a certain location. The Ss will be required to answer about the location of the
ball in a complete sentence.
T will ask ICQs to ensure complete understanding of the instructions.
1. Which game are we playing?
2. What are you going to be doing in the game?
3. Will you be answering a complete sentence? Yes or no?
Note: This activity will help awaken the schemata of the students because these prepositions of movement have already
been used in the past by the Ss in a pre-beginner level but they have not been well acquainted with the concept and its title.
1. T will place a ball under the table and ask students where the ball is.



2. T will place the ball behind her and elicit where the ball is.
3. T will place the ball on the table and ask where the ball is.
4. T will place the ball in between two items and wait for the students to answer on their own.
3. T will then place the ball in a bag and elicit from the Ss without saying a word.
T will elicit the answer from the Ss in a complete sentence.
I.e. The ball is under the table.
Prepositions of Time


Months: In November
Seasons: In winter
Years: In 2015
Times of the day: In the morning




Days of the week: On Sunday

Special days: On New years
Dates: On January 30th
Clock times: At 9:00
Celebrations/ festivals: At Christmas


T will present f a power point presentation that includes the preposition of time and location.
T will explain the types of prepositions the Ss will be learning.
T will present the slides to the students.
As the slides progress, T will explain and give examples to help Ss understand.

Prepositions of Location

The car is on the road.

In front

The boy is standing in front of the slide.


The cat is behind the door.




Next to

The toy is next to the box


The teddy bear is under the bed.


The gift is inside the bag.

In between

The tree is in between the houses.

T will ask CCQs just to confirm if the students know about preposition of time and location.
Preposition of time describes the movement of an object? Yes or no?
Are in, on, and at used as prepositions of time and location? Yes or no?

T will introduce the students to a slide show game called Where is the Teddy bear? this game will relate to the
preposition of location.
T will explain the instructions as the following:
Ss will have to identify where the teddy bear is and say it in a full sentence.
I.e. The teddy bear is (next to) the box.



T will ask ICQs to ensure if the students are on task:

Who are we trying to find?
What are we doing?
T will change the slides as the game progresses.
For each correct answer, Ss will be rewarded with a treat.
T will distribute paper worksheets to each student. The worksheet will contain 20 gap fill questions that will relate to
prepositions of time.
T will also leave the preposition of time grammar slide on the projector screen to help students cross check their answers.

T will inform the Ss that they will need to complete the 20 questions in 10 minutes.


T will then move to the white board and write an example gap fill sentence on the board that is related to the preposition of
time. T will relate to the grammar slide on the projector and fill in the appropriate answer into the gap fill.
T will ask ICQs to ensure that students know whats expected of them
How much time do we have?
How many questions will you be completing?
Does this worksheet relate to the preposition of time? Yes or no?

Peer correction &




T will instruct the Ss to hand in their papers. T will shuffle the exercise papers only to redistribute them among Ss.
Each Ss shall have someone elses paper and Ss will be encouraged to read out the correct answer when its their turn.
T will write the correct answers on the board as the students mark their peers papers.