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Safe Matters

Healthcare Provider Workshops
Reducing Unintentional Deaths and Non-Fatal Injuries in Rural Children


About Safe Matters

The Safe Matters Outreach Campaign was
developed in early 2015 purpose of
increasing awareness of childhood
unintentional injury; reaching target
audiences of healthcare providers, injury
prevention coalitions, community and
school based organizations; and parent
groups caring for children in rural areas.
Safe Matters will work to 1) provide
healthcare practitioners with culturally
appropriate injury prevention
communication and counseling training; 2)
educate injury prevention coalitions and
community organizations with best
practices; 3) partner with the injury
prevention network to increase the
number of stakeholders providing safety
information; and 4) collect and analyze
outcome data for future projects.

Outreach Support
Technical Assistance

Remember, Safe Matters.

Childhood Unintentional Injury

Connecting Healthcare Providers with Injury Prevention Resources
Unintentional injuries are the leading cause of

Children living in rural areas represent a significant

mortality and morbidity among children in the

disparity. Unique community challenges can

United States aged 0-19; accounting for more than

influence positive health outcomes for rural

all deaths by diseases combined, and costing the


Factors such as limited healthcare

access, coverage, poverty, poor living conditions,

US economy $200 billion annually. Approximately
9,000 children die annually from injury, and almost

and agricultural practices put the rural child at


9 million children
are treatedhealthcare
annually in hospital

Healthcare Provider Workshops

with the resources they need

Connectin g Healthcare Providers with Injury Prevention Resources

emergency departments.

Reducing Unintentional Deaths and

Non-Fatal Injuries in Rural Children

Despite proven success of injury prevention

counseling by healthcare providers, rural children

Safe Matters Outreach Campaign

often receive less counseling than families living

In Partnership with the Department of Health, SAFE Kids,

and local injury prevention networks

in urban areas.

Location and Time: TBD

Cost: Free

Common Causes of Unintentional


Registration Process

Safe Matters Workshops will support healthcare providers in developing

the skills to provide culturally appropriate injury prevention counseling
to rural families. Presented content is driven by evidence-based
primary prevention strategies outlined by the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the
National Safety Council.

To register for upcoming healthcare provider workshops,

Motor Vehicle Crashes




Workshop Content

Primary Prevention Strategies

Proper helmet use

Proper child passenger safety

restraint use

ABCs of Safe Sleep

Poison resistant packaging and

safe storage

Water watcher safety

Safe pedestrian, bicyclist, and

ATV behavior

Proper firearm storage

Pesticide storage

Proper smoke alarm installation


Misuse of firearms

Agricultural practices

Skill Development:

Responsible case management of rural children at high risk

TIPP Counseling Techniques

Demonstration of proper injury prevention tool use

Utilization of state reporting and data resources



Healthcare Provider Workshops

Schedule (Agenda pending)
Concussion Care
Safe Sleep
Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety
Poisoning Prevention

Medical Education Units

The Medical Association has approved this workshop series. Workshop

participants will earn 4.0 Continuing Medical Education Units from the Medical

Child Passenger Safety

Firearm Storage Practices
Agricultural Practices and Farm Living