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Pro and Cons of Smoking in Indonesia

In This era Smoking has become habit for man or woman. Smoking is
presumed as a negtive thing in our social live especially in Indonesia. Amount of
smoker is more than 60 million people and the biggest in the world based source of Ironically in 60 million people there are 13 million woman is smoker.
The effect of this many smoker is there are 93 million passive smoker in Indonesia.
Cigarettes has a negative thing for social live, health, environment, public, and a
country. But on other side there is a little bit of benefit for one because of cigarette. In
this context Indonesia is the second largest producer cigarettes in the world. So thee
is show up many pro and cons about cigarette and smoking in Indonesia
The negative thing for one country especially in Indonesia of smoking in three
aspect. The first for citizen, country, and environment. Cigarette contain many
additive like carbon monoxide, nicotine, methanol, tar, etc. This additive can effect
bad for health. In this context active smoker and passive smoker are threatened their
health. So this is vey detrimental for passive smoker because they have to feel the
impact of thing that was not done. In addition they also feel uncomfortable when they
are beside active smoker. So there should be a socialization for active smoker to
smoking in the smoking area and dont smoking in hospital, school, mall, or public
place. The second one is affect of cigarette for environment, for example like smoker
that throw cigarette butt carelessly in the public place. In this fact there is so hard for
soil to break down the cigarette butt. The second is the resulting smoke cigarettes,
This smoke one of the causes of air pollution because of this smoke contain many
additve like cadmium, arsenic, and tin. When cigarette butts break down it can last
up to 3 hours. By 4000 toxic chemicals they contain, then almost every second there
is always a toxin that is released. The third is cigarettes will damage the country's
image, for example the country that the largest consume cigarette in the world, so iti
will make view of one country is bad.
Hafidz Nurhantoko
Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia

But there is the benefit of cigarette for one county especially indonesia or for
some people. For the example is the income of a country will increased in fact that
The high cigarette tax is touted as one of the largest foreign exchange earner,
amounted to 16.5 billion rupiah in 2004. In other side insdutry of cigarette also
decreased unemployment in Indonesia. It is because This industry is able to absorb
the outstanding labor compared with other industries. Ban the use of automated
industrial machinery of government in running the cigarette companies indicate a
need or dependency of government, especially the matter of labor, which is so high.
This the survival of the people who rely on their work at the higher cigarette
company. It has not been calculated unemployment successfully overcome through
the agencies of cigarettes and small traders and hawkers. other than that cigarettes
will also increase the income of tobacco farmers in Indonesia in fact that Indonesian
cigarette export value in 2011 reached US $ 400 million or around Rp 3.6 billion.
Indonesian cigarette export value in 2011 reached US $ 400 million or around Rp 3.6
So the conclusion is cigarette give so many bad thing in social live, public
place, health, or even one country. But there is a little bit benefit of cigarette in one
country or for some people. So if we want cigarette benefit for us we can export
cigarette on a large scale and become the largest producer cigarette in the world
without any body in Indonesia smoking with raise the price of cigarette in Indonesia
so t will makes the residents feel lazy to buy a cigarette.

Hafidz Nurhantoko
Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia